A. Chermanz Monroy: Fifteen Power Breakfasts

Fifteen Power Breakfasts

By: Angie Chermanz Monroy, GALEO Intern

June 12th, 2018

In Galeo, we have celebrated for fifteen years our Power Breakfast. This event happens every year where there are politicians, businessmen, entertainment people and interns like me who are interested in advocating for the rights of Latinos and attracting them to vote in the next elections. This event was the fifteenth breakfast where we collected funds for GALEO and the GALEO Community Development Fund for the Latino leadership community. The orators that were present this year in the powerful breakfast were: Cristobal Alex, Luis. A Miranda, Jennifer Zenteno Pearce and Jerry Gonzalez.

Cristobal Alex is the president of the Latino Victory Foundation. He was the national deputy director of voter outreach for Hillary Clinton and he was also a civil rights lawyer. Additionally, Luis A. Miranda es one of the founders of MirRam firm where they do governmental and political consulting. He is also the founder and president of the Hispanic Federation. Moreover, GALEO staff speakers were Jennifer Zenteno Pearce, Executive Associate, and Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director.

For many young Latinos, Cristobal Alex is an admirable person who has done a lot for the Latinx community. He was the principal orator in this event where he talked about the Trump administration and what it means to be an immigrant during this time. In his speech, he criticized Trump’s words that were used against immigrants, and these were: “ undocumented immigrants are animals”. Cristobal stated that the immigrants who are in this country are not animals. Instead, they work hard daily. They are the ones who provide the most to the American economy and they have worked rigorously to raise their children and bring them a better future like Cristobal’s mom did.

Cristobal reminded us that all the things that have happened during Trump’s administration have made Latinos unite more and have pushed them to advocate for human rights. Mr. Alex talked in his speech about his life and he described everything that his mother had to do in order to provide a better future to him and how she is an example of all the other Latinos who are working extraneously to help out their families. His discourse motivated the audience to reflect on the struggles and sacrifices that the Latinx community had to go through in order to bring a better future to the new generations. His speech also reminded me of all the efforts and sacrifices my father had to do, so I could be able to have an education and a better lifestyle.

One of the other orators who were present this day was Ms. Zenteno Pearce. Jennifer es one of the of the speakers who obtained great admiration from the public. She represents one of the millions of young immigrants who have DACA. During her life, Jennifer saw how the undocumented immigrant community has been vilified, “painted as the lowest of the low” and this has made many young people like Jennifer to start doubting about their abilities, but this did not stop Jennifer.

She has always been passionate in helping the community and in searching a place where she could do this. She volunteered in the Latin American Association and later on, she realized GALEO had a vacant position to be fulfilled. At this moment, Jennifer got excited and applied for the position of Executive Associate, and she gained the great opportunity of becoming one of the staff members for GALEO and in joining the GALEO Leadership Institute. Thus, she is not only thankful for GALEO for the privilege of working for them, but also for empowering her in civil service, leadership, and advocacy. Jennifer is an example of the many latinos who dedicate their lives to creating a more united and cohesive community.

Furthermore, Jerry Gonzalez,  GALEO executive director, spoke about our organization and everything that does for the Latino community. He explained how GALEO has worked for 15 years in Latino civic duty. He stated that GALEO has helped the Latino electorate grown from 10,000 registered voters to 244,190 registered voters. Jerry also emphasized about the GALEO Institute for Leadership and how it has more than 604 alumni and has broken records in applicants. This institute provides to young fellow Latinos the necessary tools in becoming our future leaders and in continuing their civic duty. Lastly, he declared how in these times is very important for the Latin community to unite more and advocate for their rights in government. In this moment, women encompass 73.20% of all Latino votes while men only encompass 37.81% of these Latino votes. Therefore, this is the moment where both Latinas and Latinos have to go out and vote for the politicians who best represent our community and more in these times where there is a lot of hate and prejudice against immigrants and the minorities in USA. For all these reasons, Jerry is for many Latinos interested in politics a leader to follow because he has fought for our rights and he is not afraid to speak out his mind.

Due to all these passionate speeches, the GALEO 15th powerful breakfast is one of the events more anticipated for our organization. This is because members of GALEO talk about all the goals and achievements that GALEO has obtained in the last couple of years and they invite orators from all over the country to talk about their lives and how they have helped the immigrant and Latino community. Hence, GALEO is an association that dedicates itself to help Latino elected officials, and it promotes leadership and civic duty in the Latino and immigrant community. For this reason, it is important that we contribute in what we can and support organizations such as GALEO that offer everything they can to promote a better relationship between the Latino community and the government.

In my experience, no only this event motivated me to keep fighting for the Latino and immigrant community, but it also made me reflect on all the different aspects that the Latino society needs help with. Now more than ever, we need to be together and fight for our rights and vote for the people who represent us the most. We have to do our bit in this battle against racism and prejudice that the Trump administration has propagated. We have to hold our heads high and demonstrate to our country and our community that we are individuals who are leaders and professionals who fight for a more united and peaceful country and this is what GALEO is trying to do. This Association connects the government with the Latino community and advocates for a better Latino representation in government and business.

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