Advocacy: CALLS needed (1-855-727-7407)! Anti-immigrant legislation now in the GA House! Please share widely! Also, tweet action against SB452!

Advocacy: CALLS needed (1-855-727-7407)! Anti-immigrant legislation now in the GA House! Please share widely! Also, tweet action against SB452!

Advocacy: CALLS needed (1-855-727-7407)! Anti-immigrant legislation now in the GA House! Please share widely! Also, tweet action against SB452!

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March 12, 2018


A few weeks ago, the Georgia Senate fast-tracked an anti-immigrant bill that would harm public safety all over the state and would further make Georgia un-welcoming by creating a police state for everyone to prove legal status with every interaction with law enforcement, even for minor crimes.


This legislation, SB452, would undermine community policing.  It would make immigrants interact less with law enforcement, and it would increase crime instead of reducing crime.  Please call your Georgia House Representative today at 1-855-727-7407 and tell her/him this bill is bad for public safety and that they should vote NO on SB452! Please see below for click to tweet action as well for targeted leaders.



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Jerry Gonzalez

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Georgia HOUSE may take up a legislative initiative that would make Georgia a Police State for immigrants and anyone who can’t prove U.S. citizenship.  Call 1-855-727-7407 NOW to oppose SB452!



Also, please call House Speaker David Ralston:  404-656-5020


Your voice is needed to help stop this bill.


Makes communities less safe, not more safe.

  • Trust between immigrant communities and police are at an all-time low, and this bill discourages crime reporting by immigrant communities by making it more likely that local police will investigate immigration matters instead of focusing specifically on local crimes (see Section 1, lines 20 through 23).
  • Immigrants will be discouraged from going to court for minor offense (local ordinance violation-Section 2, line 32, et seq) out of fear that they could be subjected to deportation. This creates inefficiencies in the administration of local justice.

Commandeers local police for immigration enforcement purposes, regardless of whether they wish to do this.

  • There are currently a handful of 287g counties in the state. If they choose to do so, police departments can make the choice to sign up. Local police and local officials know best how to build trust with their communities and pursue public safety. This bill is an overreach, and substitutes sound on-the-ground judgment for overweening and potentially uninformed state oversight. Citizens at the local level elect local officials to hold them accountable for local outcomes. Why should the will of local voters be overruled?

Imposes undue financial burdens on local governments

  • Reporting requirements under this bill use up precious time and resources and amount to an unfunded mandate.

Please see more information written on a recent blog by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute here:


All Georgians Stand to Lose from Immigrant Crackdown Measure


CLICK TO TWEET!  We’ve also created an easy way for you to send three tweets to targeted leaders of our state to get their attention on this issue.  Simply be logged in to your twitter account and then click on the link below.  It will generate a tweet for you to send.  Thank you and share with others!


YOUR VOICE is needed to stop this bill and keep Georgia from becoming a POLICE STATE.








FREE Citizenship Workshop in April and June!


April 14th 2018 will be in Gwinnett County



June 23rd 2018:  there will be several sites:  Gwinnett County, Clarkston & at the Latin American Association.


Stay tuned for updates here!


Future FREE citizenship workshops can be found online here:




Hall County should have bilingual access in English and Spanish for all elections material!


GALEO and other community members have launched a petition addressed to Hall County Commissioners and the Hall County Elections Board.  Please spread the word!

#HallEspanol #GALatinoVote




Volunteers are needed to register voters at Naturalization ceremonies and for the 2018 ELECTIONS!


Many people will become U.S. citizens this year and will need to register to vote.  Volunteers are needed to help us with this initiative. Please volunteer if you can!

Schedule for volunteer opportunities is posted on our website here:

Let us know by sending an email to to confirm your interest and feel free to invite friends too!

There will be training necessary for all volunteers before going to the naturalization ceremonies.

Please send us an email and let us know when you can volunteer!




Registration is open for the 15th Annual GALEO Power Breakfast!


Join us!  You are invited!


Friday, May 18, 2018, 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM


Keynote Speaker:  Cristóbal Alex, President, Latino Victory Foundation


Location:  Atlanta Marriott Century Center/Emory Area, 2000 Century Boulevard NE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30345


You don’t want to miss our signature event!


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