Advocacy: More calls are needed to help stop three anti-immigrant bills!

Advocacy:  More calls are needed to help stop three anti-immigrant bills!

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Please continue to stay involved in 2016 to make Georgia a better place for us all!

March 7, 2016

The Georgia Legislature continues it’s work, and unfortunately, they are considering several anti-immigrant initiatives.  We need your help today to stop them from moving forward.

Unfortunately, three anti-immigrant bills made it through cross over day.  This means that they are still viable for the remainder of the legislature.  However, we need you to make some calls to block them from becoming a reality.

YOUR CALLS are being noticed.  TODAY, we need your calls to continue to prevent these bills from moving forward.  Please call the number below and as for NO VOTES on SR675, the English-only Constitutional Amendment.  This is unnecessary and mean spirited that would paint Georgia as unwelcoming to foreigners and foreign investors.  Also, we need to continue to express our opposition to measure to target DACA students with different driver’s licenses.  Please call 1-877-721-4575!  The recording will be explaining SB6, but use the same tool to express opposition to SR675, the English-only Constitutional Amendment.  Please tell the House Speaker to oppose the anti-immigrant bills SR675 & SB6!  Check for updates.

Our friends at GBPI have also issued this blog post on the potential costs for SB6.  Please take a look here and share this widely.  Additionally, GALEO issued a press release against these bills and you can view it here; please share this widely too.

Additionally, there is legislation that would ban non-citizens from serving local or state governments in any official capacity, such as zoning boards or economic development commissions.  This would keep all immigrant from being able to engage with local or state governments and would likely keep Kia and Mercedes Benz officials out of serving in important economic development partnerships with our state and local governments.  Please call 1-844-749-7985 and you will connect callers with the Senate Ethics Committee members to oppose passage of HB 781.

Lastly, our friends over at Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta have also started a petition.  Please sign and share this too.  You can find it here.

You are invited to the 13th Annual GALEO Power Breakfast

We do hope you will join us and support all of the great work GALEO is accomplishing to promote civic enagement and leadership development of the Latino community in Georgia.  Please join us at this signature event and hear from a national expert on the growing influence of the Latino vote in the 2016 elections.

Date:  Friday, May 20th, 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM.

Keynote Address:  Sylvia Manzano, Ph.D., Principal, Latino Decisions, “The Latino Vote in 2016”

You wouldn’t want to miss this event with the growing importance of the Latino vote in the 2016 elections.

Learn more about the event & purchase tickets here!

The #GALatinoVote grows in strength and numbers!  Help us engage our community and encourage them to vote.

The Georgia Latino Vote has grown a LOT!  In 2003, when we started as an organization, there were only 10,000 Latinos registered to vote.  The latest estimate of the Latino electorate puts that strength at over 220,000 voters.

Many Latino voters found out too late that they were not registered or that they had not updated their voter registration information after they had moved.  Please check if you are registered to vote here and to find your polling location here:

If you are NOT registered to vote OR if you have moved, you should register to vote online at

The #GALatinoVote grows stronger every day.  Join the efforts to have a high Latino voter turnout in the General Election in November 2016.

If you have questions or experienced problems in voting last week, please call us at 1-888-54GALEO.

GALEO Leadership Council!  Join us!

Meeting on Tuesday!  We will be discussing the Georgia Latino Vote & Cesar Chavez committees.

The GALEO Leadership Council is made up of GALEO members and alumni of our GALEO Institute for Leadership.  Katherine Vega has been an outstanding Chair in 2016 and has assembled a great team!  Join us by becoming a member today!  The GLC Team is gearing up for a great year and already had a very successful public speaking event and a great Lobby Training day at the Georgia Capitol.  Lots to do this year, so get involved by becoming a member.  There will be a meeting soon and members will be notified by email.

Join the GLC today by becoming a GALEO Member!


Join us with posting your #iamGALEO pics on social media

GALEO is more than just five letters.  GALEO is you.  Please post your picture online with the hashtag #IamGALEO on any social media.  This will help us demonstrate to legislators that GALEO is supported by people like you!  Go ahead and post!

See other videos and posts on social media here!

Support our efforts to expand access to higher education for DACA students!

GALEO is one of the groups leading efforts to ensure Georgia DREAM’ers have access to higher education by promoting legislation that would provide for in-state tuition for those who have DACA status.  Join our efforts and spread the word.

Sign up here to become active with the in-state tuition movement!

GALEO Seeking College Interns for Summer & Fall 2016

Interested in working on immigration reform and voter engagement in Georgia?

GALEO seeks undergraduate or graduate students every semester (Summer & Fall) for several part-time internships in community relations and administrative support. All student interns will be required to work a minimum of 10-15 hours per week and work directly with the Executive Director and Program Manager on a variety of important duties.

Please send a resume and writing sample to Samuel Aguilar, GALEO Program Coordinator at

Volunteers are needed to register voters at Naturalization ceremonies!

Many people will become U.S. citizens this year and will need to register to vote.  Volunteers are needed to help us with this initiative. Please volunteer if you can!

Here is the schedule for 2016 so far:
March 11 – ceremony in Rome, GA
April 15 – Ceremonial Federal Courthouse in Atlanta
June 10 – Ceremonial Federal Courthouse in Atlanta
July 8 – ceremony in Gainesville, GA
August 12 – Ceremonial Federal Courthouse in Atlanta
September 9 – ceremony in Rome, GA
September 23 – Ceremonial Federal Courthouse in Atlanta
October 14 – Ceremonial Federal Courthouse in Atlanta
November 18 – ceremony in Newnan, GA
December 9 – Ceremonial Federal Courthouse in Atlanta

Let us know by sending an email to to confirm your interest and feel free to invite friends too!

There will be training necessary for all volunteers before going to the naturalization ceremonies.

Check out our Job Opportunities section on our website!

Are you looking for a new career or job opportunity?  Know someone who is looking for a job?  Also, some volunteer positions will be posted here from time to time.  Please check this link weekly!

Join GALEO & become an active member of our network!

Your membership to GALEO supports our work and also allows for you to become part of the GALEO Leadership Council!

GALEO membership is open to anyone who supports our efforts and mission.  Please consider becoming a member to help support our efforts in civic engagement and leadership development of the Latino community in Georgia.  Through your membership, YOU make a difference and add your voice to ours!  Together, we are STRONGER!

Become part of our GALEO Familia by becoming a MEMBER of GALEO.  Once you are a member, you may join our GALEO Leadership Council to engage in the many activities we have going on to promote civic engagement and leadership development of the Latino community.

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