Advocacy: Please call to oppose the Immigrant Registry legislation today!

Advocacy:  Please call to oppose the Immigrant Registry legislation today!Advocacy and Engagement Email
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March 13, 2017

YOUR calls are needed today against the GBI Immigrant Registry (HB452) legislation.  Please see below.

Information is powerful.  GALEO has compiled many links and resources of assistance and information for our immigrant community.  Many of it is available in several languages, including Spanish.  Please see below (or click here) and share the information widely.

Please join our advocacy efforts by joining our texting campaign.  The image to the right is our latest way to engage with our supporters in a timely manner and make our efforts more effective.  Please stay engaged by texting the word IMMIGRATION to the short code number 864-237.  This will add you to our texting program to ensure we speak up at needed times.  We will continue our focus on the BRIDGE ACT and work against anti-immigrant initiatives in Georgia.

Please see other ways in which you can engage below.

Once again, as 2017 continues, please consider the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund as you prioritize your annual donations.  Please follow the link here:

Thank you for your support!

Jerry Gonzalez
Executive Director

Join us to oppose the Immigrant Registry (HB452) being proposed by the Georgia Legislature. 

This legislation is bad for Georgia because:

  • It target ALL immigrants, including Legal Permanent Residents and legal visa holders.
  • Does not advance or enhance public safety.  Instead, it would make immigrants likely targets of vigilante efforts.  Examples of recent hate crimes against immigrants are happening nationally with more recent example of the killing and injuring of Indian immigrants and an attack against a Sikh man in his home.
  • Employers who hire immigrants may be targeted too because the system utilized has employer information that may be posted on the GBI Immigrant Registry.  Exemptions are not specified in the legislation on what will and will not be posted.
  • The legislation is anti-immigrant and would make Georgia unwelcoming to foreign investment.

Please call the Senate Public Safety Committee members ASAP and let them know you oppose this legislation and they should vote NO in committee.

Chairman Tyler Harper: (404) 463-5263
Vice Chairman John Albers:  (404) 463-8055
Sen. Mike Dugan, Secretary:  (404) 463-2478
Sen. Hunter Hill, Ex-Officio:  (404) 463-2518
Sen. Lee Anderson:  (404) 656-5114
Sen. Tonya Anderson:  (404) 463-2598
Sen. Harold V. Jones II:  (404) 463-3942
Sen. Chuck Payne:  (404) 463-5402
Sen. Valencia Seay:  (404) 656-5095
Sen. Michael Williams:  (404) 656-7127

Check out the legislation here:  

Information is POWER!  

Resources for Trump Administration IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT Concerns and Fears.  

Please take a look and share with our IMMIGRANT community members.

We have updated these resources, and we will continue to do so as we know more.

Please share this link widely to alleviate fears, concerns and questions many immigrant community members may have.

U.S. citizen woman was detained by immigration for over a month   

Please read the AJC article here and join our efforts.–politics/georgia-woman-detained-immigration-raid-citizen/wK4z5U7OWnSVLmeqydJNYP/

Support the BRIDGE Act!

BRIDGE Act was introduced over a month ago.  YOUR calls are needed to your Congressman and our U.S. Senators.

The BRIDGE (Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy) Act would provide temporary relief from deportation and employment authorization to individuals who are eligible for the Department of Homeland Security’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program.

DACA provides temporary protection from removal and work authorization to young students and veterans who grew up in the United States if they register with the government, pay a fee, and pass a criminal background check. More than 740,000 young people have received DACA. Temporary protection under the BRIDGE Act would ensure that these young people can continue to work and study and be protected from deportation while Congress debates broader legislation to fix our broken immigration system.

The BRIDGE Act would provide “provisional protected presence” and employment authorization to DACA-eligible individuals. A current DACA recipient would receive provisional protected presence until the expiration date of his or her DACA status and could apply for provisional protected presence prior to that expiration. An individual who is not a DACA recipient but who is eligible for DACA could also apply for provisional protected presence.
Applicants would be required to pay a reasonable fee, undergo criminal background checks, and meet a number of eligibility criteria indicating that they came to the United States as minors, grew up in this country, have pursued an education, have not committed any serious crimes, and do not pose a threat to our country.

An individual’s provisional protected presence and employment authorization would be subject to revocation by DHS if the individual no longer met the eligibility criteria.

The BRIDGE Act would provide provisional protected presence and employment authorization for three years after the date of enactment of the legislation.

Here is some sample language you can use when you call:

Hey my name is xxx, I am a constituent of Representative/Senator from [city] and [any other relevant leadership/company/organization info].  I’m calling to ask for him to co-sponsor the BRIDGE act sponsored by Republican members [info forthcoming] .  Will the Congressman/Senator be cosponsoring the bill?

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson:  202.224.3643
Emails him here:

U.S. Senator David Perdue:  202.224.3521

U.S. Rep. Doug Collins (Hall County):  (202) 225-9893

U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall (Gwinnett County):  (202) 225-4272

To find your other Congressmen in Georgia, please visit this link:


Join us with posting your #iamGALEO pics on social media

GALEO is more than just five letters.  GALEO is you.  Please post your picture online with the hashtag #IamGALEO on any social media.  This will help us demonstrate to legislators that GALEO is supported by people like you!  Go ahead and post!

Here is one of the most recent videos:

Mariela Romero, Univision 34 Atlanta #iamGALEO
Mariela Romero, Univision 34 Atlanta #iamGALEO

See other videos and posts on social media here!


Catholic Charities-Atlanta and Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials are hosting a free citizenship workshop Archdiocese of Atlanta, 2401 Lake Park Dr, Smyrna, GA 30080,  from 9am-3pm . At this free naturalization workshop, you will be helping green card holders apply for U.S. citizenship. Green card holders will be given one-on-one assistance in completing their application forms and fee waivers, provided with individual legal review by an attorney, and given a clear list of next steps.
The link for attendees is below:

En Español:
Eres un Residente Legal y quieres aplicar para ser Cuidadano Americano?  GALEO te puede ayudar.  El 6 de mayo, vamos a tener un taller para la cuidadania para ayudar llenar tu aplicacion de Cuidadania.  Vamos a estar en Archdiocese of Atlanta 2401 Lake Park Dr, Smyrna, GA 30080 , de 9am-3pm .  Por favor haga una reserva llamando 1800-544-2536 o visita:

GALEO Seeking College for Summer  & Fall 2017

Interested in working on immigration reform and voter engagement in Georgia?

GALEO seeks undergraduate or graduate students every semester (Spring & Summer) for several part-time internships in community relations and administrative support. All student interns will be required to work a minimum of 10-15 hours per week and work directly with the Executive Director and Program Manager on a variety of important duties.

Please send a resume and writing sample to Maria Palacios, GALEO Program Coordinator at

For more details about this internship opportunity, please follow this link.

Volunteers are needed to register voters at Naturalization ceremonies!

Many people will become U.S. citizens this year and will need to register to vote.  Volunteers are needed to help us with this initiative. Please volunteer if you can!

Schedule for volunteer opportunities is posted on our website here:

Let us know by sending an email to to confirm your interest and feel free to invite friends too!

There will be training necessary for all volunteers before going to the naturalization ceremonies.

Please send us an email and let us know when you can volunteer!

Check out our Job Opportunities section on our website!

Are you looking for a new career or job opportunity?  Know someone who is looking for a job?  Also, some volunteer positions will be posted here from time to time.  Please check this link weekly!

GALEO is also seeking an Executive Assistant for a full time position with our team.  Please take a look and share.  Lots of opportunities for community members.

Registration is OPEN for the 14th Annual GALEO Power Breakfast on Friday, May 19th!

Keynote address:  Anna Maria Chávez, 1st woman of color appointed to be the CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA

You wouldn’t want to miss this event!
The 14th Annual GALEO Power Breakfast is one of the signature fundraising events for GALEO & the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund.

Please click below to get your tickets and to learn more!

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