More Than 70 Cities & Counties Sign Texas vs. United States Appeal Urging Immediate Implementation of President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action



More Than 70 Cities & Counties Sign Texas vs. United States Appeal Urging Immediate Implementation of President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

April 6, 2015

NEW YORK—New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today that 73 cities and counties had filed a new friend-of-the-court brief in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in the Texas vs. United States lawsuit, urging immediate implementation of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

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Month in Review: National Immigration

By: Jessica Kline, GALEO Student Intern

In recent months the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) funding bill has been the talk of the nation, bringing up a division of opinions in regards to immigration.  On the 3rd of March, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill to fund the Department through September 30th, ending what the Washington Post referred to as a, “tense three-month showdown.” With a diverse span of opinions on the topic and months of discussion, many are still asking how we got here and what this means for the immigrant community.

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1st Place Adult: Leri Argueta: How has César Chávez influenced your life and what impact will his work have on your future?

Posted on March 27, 2015

Adult 1st – Leri Argueta, Rockdale County


How has César Chávez influenced your life and what impact will his work have on your future?

On March 31, 1927 a man who made a difference for immigrant farm workers and started a movement of change was born. As I reflect on the life of Cesar Chavez, it is without a doubt that he should be placed in the same category of civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr. Chavez led a movement and showed not only Latinos, but all farm workers not to settle for the harsh conditions and low payments. He influenced my life in many ways. Yet, the most important way he has influenced me is by showing me that with enough determination, conviction, patience, commitment, and a desire; one can make a difference in society.

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1st Place High School: Josh Doman: César Chávez: un hombre debemos recordar

Posted on March 27, 2015

César Chávez: un hombre debemos recordar

Por Josh Doman, Westminster High School, Atlanta, GA

César Chávez: un hombre de talla excepcional y de gran carácter. Durante su vida, César Chávez logró mucho por los trabajadores agrícolas y mejoró sus vidas sin el uso de violencia. Otros hombres de similar grandeza, como George Washington y Martin Luther King, tienen fiestas nacionales para recordar sus vidas. A pesar de sus logros, no hay una fiesta nacional para Chávez. Sin un día festivo, es posible que generaciones futuras olviden la importancia de su vida. Por estas razones, es importante que nosotros, como país, mostremos nuestro respeto a la vida de César Chávez con una fiesta nacional.

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Posted on March 27, 2015


By Bao Bui, Lowndes County High School, Valdosta, GA

We are fortunate to live in a modern era with enough supplies and food. The farm workers dedicate their time and lives to supply us with these basic needs. Actually, about five decades ago, they endured terrible job conditions. Thanks to Cesar Chavez, migrant farm workers’ living standards have been improved. In one of his many well-known quotes, he proclaims, “We demand to be treated like the men we are! We are not slaves and we are not animals.” His ability to give farm workers a voice to change the world, as well as improve farm laborers’ lives, makes him the perfect candidate to be honored in a national holiday of the United States.

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Georgia Power: Gomez makes Georgia history

Gomez makes Georgia history

By Jessica Pennamon-Cochran – Corporate Communications, Georgia Power (posted with permission from Georgia Power’s internal newsletter)

Monday, March 16, 2015 — Leonard Gomez, Georgia Power distribution specialist and Grantville city councilman, made Georgia history this year when he was elected to take on an additional ‘hat’ as Grantville’s mayor pro-tem.

Gomez is the first Latino to serve as mayor pro-tem in the state of Georgia.  Grantville is a small city in south Coweta County.

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Follow the Money: What Top Latino Donors Have to Say about 2016

By: Elizabeth Kennedy, GALEO Student Intern

Top Latino donors warn the Democratic Party that they will not be silent about what they want this election year. They want change in the Democrats approach to the Latino vote and a Latino vice presidential nominee. Unlike the competing nominations for the Republican Party candidate, the Democratic nominee is predicted to be Hillary Clinton. The donors are not saying they would not support Clinton. They are saying the amount of monetary support Clinton receives will depend amount of Latino involvement in the upcoming election. The Democratic Party needs to involve Latinos from the on-the-ground outreach to voters to the vice presidential selection.

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HANDS OFF Early Voting! Georgians are tired of playing games with Election laws




February 16, 2015

Contact: Elizabeth Poythress, League of Women Voters of GA, (404) 276-0454,

Contact: Jerry Gonzalez, GALEO, 404.745.2580,


HANDS OFF Early Voting! Georgians are tired of playing games with Election laws


(Atlanta, GA)  On Wednesday, February 18th, Georgia citizens will stand strong and demand their representatives stop playing games with elections.    A coalition of the League of Women Voters of Georgia (LWVGA), the Georgia National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia (ACLU), Common Cause Georgia, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO), Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda,  Georgia Women’s Actions for New Directions (WAND), 9to5Atlanta, Georgia Equality/Equality Foundation of Georgia, and Georgia Rural Urban Summit will hold a rally at the Capitol on Wednesday, February 18th at 2:15 PM in Liberty Plaza telling the General Assembly to keep their HANDS OFF early voting.  

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Cesar Chavez Essay Contest Deadline: February 13th

Cesar Chavez Essay Contest Deadline: February 13th

GALEO Continues to Accept Entries to the 8th Annual Cesar Chavez Essay Contest: Great PRIZES have been added & ALL High School Students & Adults in Georgia are Eligible.

Deadline quickly approaching on February 13, 2015.

Press Release


Media Contact:  Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of GALEO,, 404.745.2580

January 22, 2015 (Atlanta, GA) –  On behalf of the GALEO Leadership Council, which is comprised of alumni of the GALEO Institute for Leadership and GALEO Members statewide, GALEO continues to solicit entries from Georgia adults and Georgia high school students for the 2015 Cesar Chavez Essay Contest.   The deadline is quickly approaching: February 13, 2015.

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