Univision Conexcion: Votaciones Adelantadas y el #GALatinoVote

Univision Conexcion:  Votaciones Adelantadas y el #GALatinoVote
Published on Oct 25, 2016

Esfuerzos de La Asociación de Funcionarios Latinos Electos de Georgia para que los ciudadanos hispanos residente del estado aprovechen el período de votación temprana.  Problemas o preguntas?  Llamenos a 1-888-54GALEO (1-888-544-2536).

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A. Parra: The Power of the Georgia Latino Vote

The Power of the Georgia Latino Vote

By:  Andres Parra, GALEO Intern

September 2, 2016

Latinos are the largest minority in the U.S. The entire nation is looking at us to decide the national election, especially in what may become new swing states like Georgia. Everyone knows the power of the Latino vote but that power only counts when you cast your ballot. Despite this, immigration reform has still not progressed, Latino and other minority schools receive less funding than their white counterparts1, affordable health care still has a long way to go to create more affordable healthcare, and many other causes Latinos care about are lagging. You may ask, where is there opportunity for us to defeat this? In the 2012 presidential election only 48 percent of Hispanic eligible voters turned out to vote. When we start performing at the polls politicians will no longer be able to ignore the issues that most matter to our community.

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A. Parra: Georgia Latino Students Succeed

Georgia Latino Students Succeed

By:  Andres Parra, GALEO Intern

September 1, 2016

Latinos in the U.S. are extremely resilient and hardworking. A large majority of us are immigrants who have succeeded despite the linguistic and cultural struggles we have encountered, with only a fleeting dream and our own two hands. In the past ten years our community has made enormous strides of progress in this country in all areas. In education, our high school dropout rates have greatly decreased and our college enrollment has greatly increased 1. This is perhaps the greatest sign of our community’s progress because of the benefits a formal education can have not only on our own careers but for our communities and for generations to come after. Education is a great path towards social mobility, change, and if you want to study you can do it despite of your income level or legal status.

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A. Parra: Latinos, Orlando and Gun Control

Latinos, Orlando and Gun Control

By:  Andres Parra, GALEO Intern

August 18, 2016

The massacre in Orlando was a direct attack towards the LGBTQ and the United States. The majority of victims that night were Hispanic and because of that our community suffered with Orlando. This sad event is a reminder towards the easy access to guns in this country and how our community is disproportionately affected by those guns. Just in the year 2013, nearly 3.000 Latinos were killed by guns 1. Even though, as Latinos, we are less likely than blacks or whites in this country to own a gun, we are twice as likely to be a victim of a gun than whites 1, 2. It is then essential that as Latinos we become part of this life or death conversation and demand rational gun control in this country.

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