NALEO Educational Fund Comments on U.S. Census Bureau Request for Citizenship Data from the Department of Homeland Security


March 7, 2019


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NALEO Educational Fund Comments on U.S. Census Bureau Request for

Citizenship Data from the Department of Homeland Security

Washington, D.C.  – The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund today released a statement from CEO Arturo Vargas regarding reports of the U.S. Census Bureau’s request for citizenship data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services:

“The Census Bureau’s 2020 Census operational plan envisions using administrative records from other federal agencies to obtain information about households under certain circumstances, before deploying enumerators to acquire the information.  This includes situations where households return incomplete census forms, or do not respond at all. The use of administrative records to obtain information in these situations – or ‘administrative enumeration’ – is a cost-saving measure the Bureau plans to use more extensively than in previous Censuses. 

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Gwinnett to vote on MARTA Referendum

This March, all eyes will be on Gwinnett as the county prepares to vote for the MARTA referendum, but what exactly is the MARTA referendum? Well, voters will be essentially be voting on an expansion plan that would allow MARTA to expand into Gwinnett; this plan would also include “29 miles of light rail, 13 miles of bus rapid transit lines and three arterial rapid transit routes. Station improvements are included as well”.

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VOTE YES! GALEO Supports the Gwinnett MARTA Referendum

(Norcross, Georgia) – February 25, 2018 –  GALEO encourages Gwinnett County registered voters to ‘VOTE YES’ on the upcoming MARTA referendum election scheduled for March 19th. Expanding MARTA to the county will not only afford Gwinnett hundreds of jobs, but it will also allow residents easy access to the city, as well as the airport, schools, hospitals and entertainment. 

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American Federation of Teachers: Private Prison Risk to Public Pensions Exposed

For Immediate Release
February 5, 2019

Andrew Crook
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Private Prison Risk to Public Pensions Exposed

AFT Asset Manager ‘Watch List’ Urges Divestment from Firms Profiting off the Mass Incarceration of Communities of Color

WASHINGTON—The American Federation of Teachers is urging public pension funds with more than $3 trillion of deferred wages under management to review their holdings in the wake of a new report exposing how retirement funds are at risk through investments in private prisons that profit from mass incarceration.

“Private Prisons and Investment Risks, Part Two: How Private Prison Companies Fuel Mass Incarceration—and How Public Pension Funds Are at Risk” was released Tuesday by the AFT with the support of 35 other organizations including the Journey for Justice Alliance. The report reveals the direct and indirect investments public pension funds have in CoreCivic and GEO Group, which reap billions each year by jailing minority populations and exploiting the school-to-prison pipeline. The state pension funds named in the report currently hold over $75 million in private prison stock.

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J. Gonzalez, GALEO, Responds to the State of The Union Speech

February, 6, 2019

(Norcross, GA)  Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director, GALEO, released the following statement as reaction to the State of the Union Address by President Trump:

“President Trump once again used fear and lies about immigrants to create the illusion of an imaginary crisis at the southern border.  The fact is that the southern border has never been more secure, and the overwhelming majority of drugs smuggled across our border come in through ports of entry — a border wall would neither make us safer nor stop drug smugglers. 

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Cesar Chavez Essay Contest Deadline Approaching!

(Norcross, Georgia) – January 29, 2018 – GALEO Leadership Council has announced details for the 12th Annual Cesar Chavez Essay Contest. The intention of the contest is to increase awareness of the continual plight of farm workers and their contributions to America while honoring civil rights legend Cesar Chavez.

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Voting Rights Advocates Conclude Gwinnett County Lawsuit after Minority Candidates Win Elections

Voting Rights Advocates Conclude Gwinnett County Lawsuit after Minority Candidates Win Elections

Board of Commissioners and School Board Elect Minority Candidates for the First Time in the County’s History


January 25, 2019 (GWINNETT COUNTY, GA) – A federal lawsuit seeking changes to the voting district boundaries for the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners and the School Board has been concluded after significant demographic changes helped fuel the success of minority candidates in the 2018 November general election.

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MALDEF Statement on Trump’s Nativist Speech Falsely Claiming ‘Crisis’ at Southern Border


Jan. 8, 2019 CONTACT:
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MALDEF Statement on Trump’s Nativist Speech Falsely Claiming ‘Crisis’ at Southern Border

(LOS ANGELES) – Please attribute the following statement on Donald Trump’s fear-mongering speech in response to an imaginary “crisis” at the southern border to Thomas A. Saenz, president and general counsel of MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund):

“As expected, tonight Donald Trump delivered a short televised message packed with obfuscation, deception, and dog whistles, all in service of a profligate agenda to force U.S. taxpayers to construct an unneeded and expensive monument to racism and xenophobia. From the 2015 commencement of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has lied consistently about our southern border and those who cross it. The truth is that Donald Trump has no interest in facts or wise policy when it comes to immigration. His only interest is to dehumanize people who seek a better life for themselves and their children, all in search of a solution to his dwindling popularity and his increasing inability to find anyone who will work in his administration, even at the highest levels.

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