GALEO Reacts to Trump Mass Deportation Policies: Georgia’s Economy at Risk

GALEO Reacts to Trump Mass Deportation Policies:  Georgia’s Economy at Risk
Press Statement

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Contact: Jerry Gonzalez,, 404.745.2580.

February 21, 2017 (ATLANTA, GA) – Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of GALEO, issued the following statement regarding the Trump Mass Deportation Memos:

“This is the extremist mass deportation policy that Trump announced during his campaign.  These policies will expand the categories for people who would be prioritized for deportation.  This is a dangerous policy which would terrorize our communities and wreck havoc on our economy.

Georgia’s agricultural industry is heavily reliant upon immigrant labor, much of it is undocumented.  $16B annually is produced by immigrant labor.  In Georgia history when we had immigration raids during the Vidalia Onion picking season, our Congressional delegation was quick to stop these raids because of the potential economic impact.  Now, we need our Georgia Governor, state leadership and all of our Congressional delegation to denounce these plans and to work against the efforts to tear apart families and to harm Georgia’s economic prosperity.

The leaders of Georgia’s industries that depend upon immigrant labor must speak up and urge our Congressional delegation to work on a common-sense immigration reform solution that enables families to stay together and our economy to continue to prosper.

Congressional inaction has been the status quo that created this crisis.  Now, it is time for Congressional leadership to step up against Trump’s mass deportation efforts.

Earlier this year, Speaker Ryan spoke against mass deportations:  ‘I’m here to tell you in Congress, it’s not happening.’   It is now time for Congress to step up and stop the Trump mass deportation plans.

Georgia’s Vidalia Onions, carpet, poultry, construction, landscaping and service industries must speak up and work with Congress towards a solution.  The future of our state is at stake and you must not stay silent any longer.”


GALEO’s mission is to increase civic engagement and leadership development of the Latino/Hispanic community across Georgia.

CORE BELIEFS: Inclusive, Non-Partisan, Diversity, Responsive



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