Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the 2018 Class for our GALEO Institute of Leadership!

We will start scheduling interviews in late December for January 2018. If you have any questions please email Program Coordinator Maria del Rosario Palacios directly at

Personal Information

Please fill out the following personal information in order to review your application.
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This section pertains to additional personal information regarding your education. Leave sections blank if they do not apply to you.  This section is for our records only, neither education level nor field of study will have any bearing on program acceptance. 
High School: Years of Study:*
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Leadership/Community Experience

Let us know of any employment, scholarly, or community activities you have been active in so far, if any.

List organization(s) and position or level of involvement:
Describe the impact that this involvement has had on you, the organization and beyond.
List skills acquired through participation and how you plan to use them in the future:


In this section you'll provide your reasons for participating in this training, how do you see using these skills, and a sense of your level of commitment to active participation in community life.

List three ways you hope to benefit from this program:*
List three skills you hope to improve on through this program:*
What impact do you intend to have your community as a result of the GALEO Institute for Leadership?*
Can you commit to being present to every session outlined in the program calendar and to complete the group project and community activities mandatory for the program?*
If you answered "Yes - with reservations" above, please indicate what those reservations would be:

Awareness & Interest Areas

This area pertains to your awareness of community issues and your interests in participating in community improvement.
Identify and describe one area of need in your community and propose a tangible solution that would address this need. Make sure to justify your solution and the reasoning behind it (e.g. Fixing childhood obesity in your neighborhood with a fun fitness program at the local park.)*
How did you hear about the GALEO Institute for Leadership?:*


Please provide the name and contact information of a reference that can attest to your involvement in the community.
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