ICYMI: New NYT Editorial Takes on “Nativist” Immigration Lawsuit Supported by Georgia

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ICYMI: New NYT Editorial Takes on “Nativist” Immigration Lawsuit Supported by Georgia

Editorial board weighs in on Georgia and 24 other states’ decisions to move forward with “meritless” suit


Legal Experts and Immigration Reform Leaders Available for Interviews

Washington, DC – In the wake of last week’s hearing in Brownsville, TX on the 25 state lawsuit against the President’s executive action on immigration, the New York Times editorial board is shining a spotlight on Federal Judge Andrew Hanen; the true (and disturbing) intentions of the states behind the lawsuit; and the strong legal standing on the side of the Obama Administration.


As the editorial entitled, “Nativist Lawsuit on the Texas Border,” notes:


“Even if the judge buys the plaintiffs’ bogus line, the government still seems likely to win on appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit or the Supreme Court. The states’ standing to sue is dubious; their claims of damage are speculative at best. There is no evidence that executive action will do anything to increase illegal immigration, and there is clear data showing that giving work permits to immigrants who are already here helps, not hurts, state economies.


Above all, the programs rest on a rock-solid legal footing: the principle of prosecutorial discretion, under which Mr. Obama’s Homeland Security Department intends to use its limited resources to go after dangerous, high-priority immigration violators instead of low-priority ones. Upending that principle — and the Supreme Court said as recently as 2012 that ‘a principal feature of the removal system is the broad discretion exercised by immigration officials’ — could sow broad confusion over all the executive branch’s enforcement decisions, creating what one immigration-law expert concisely called ‘a royal mess.’”


Read the full editorial, “Nativist Lawsuit on the Texas Border,” here.  See also America’s Voice Education Fund’s new report, “A Coordinated Attack: Judge Hanen and the Nativist Lawsuit Against DAPA and DACA.”


Legal Experts and Immigration Reform Leaders are available to discuss the ongoing lawsuit, as well its political implications going forward. Please contact Katy Green (katy@newpartners or 202.331.2389) if you’d like to schedule an interview. 



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