J. Solis: “Si Se Puede!”

“Si Se Puede!”

By:  Jaquelin Solis (Tucker, GA)

March 2017

“Si, se puede.” This is the quote that always empowers and pedals me into becoming unstoppable. When I have ventured into a new job, leadership position, or moved into a new place, I utter that quote. Cesar Chavez not only set the platform but also the catapult for societal change that relied on nonviolent tactics, boycotts, and marches. He definitely paved the way for the movements that are currently going on in this political climate nationwide. These types of movements made me value the power of a united ‘fuerza.’ I understood the power of putting ‘un granito de arena’ and progressively making changes that start locally and transition nationwide. He gave voice to millions of farmers that were unheard and mute, advocated for their rights, and served as a liaison between them and the many opponents.


Cesar Chavez has transformed my life in the sense that I feel more empowered to create a change in my community. Reading about his accomplishments, transformations he made in society, and the way that these changes were carried out, have fueled me with more ‘ganas’ and resilience to pursue my personal endeavors. Since I envision a nation where healthcare is equally accessible to everyone, I hope to use the tactics that he has imparted, the hope he endlessly carried on, and the power he left on everyone to create a movement towards change. I desire to advocate for the rights of my future patients, serve as a cultural and linguistic liaison between my patients and politicians, and provide them high quality healthcare.


“Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.” This is a quote that took me some time to digest. This is because I had yet to develop a sense of confidence and freedom to speak in public throughout my formative years. By meeting like-minded individuals, mentors, and finding a support system I was able to step out of my comfort zone and gradually begin to construct a shield of pride in my endeavors. Cesar Chavez with this quote was able to push and lift me up from the shell that I was creating.
Cesar Chavez showed us that the need for societal change is great; however, the power that we, as a community, have to make this happen is greater. The legacy that he has imparted in our society and, mainly, in communities that once felt isolated and belittled, will always have the opportunity to look back at his work and know that change can take place. He bestowed the knowledge that with action there is power, with power comes change, and change produces a revolution in our community. I envision to live in a world where everyone lives up to the ideals of Mr. Chavez and to become a leader like him in my community.

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