Jennifer Lopez, 2019 Spring Intern

Jennifer Lopez is the daughter of immigrants and the oldest of three. She is a first-generation college student and is in her third year at Georgia State University where she majors in Political Science. As a child, her passion for helping the Latino community sparked when she saw how the Latino community was being treated unfairly and how that impacted not only her family but other families as well.

She has always had a strong connection with her Hispanic culture and hopes that her work in the future can help not only the Hispanic community, but any community that has had a difficult time expressing their concerns. Her plans for the future are to graduate with her bachelors within the next year and go to graduate school for her masters. She hopes to go into politics and be a part of the generation that makes sure that the voices of the people are being heard.

Aside from politics, her interests include learning about other cultures. Languages and music. She recently went to Israel and learned about how three different cultures and religions are able to coincide with one another during such a tense time. She has always had an interest in learning French and American Sign Language, a language she feels is important to learn in order to communicate with people that are also underrepresented in society. She has also played the flute/piccolo for ten years and is a part of her university’s marching band.

Jennifer is working with GALEO because she believes that every Latino, whether they are Republican or Democrat, should have their voices heard, especially when it comes to things that will impact them and their community. Being informed of the many things that happen within one’s community and having a say is very powerful.

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