Jerry Gonzalez, GALEO Statement to Gwinnett & Hall County Boards of Elections regarding Spanish information for voting materials

Today, Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of GALEO, made the following public comment at the Gwinnett County Board of Elections meeting. He also sent this email statement to the Hall County Board of Elections.  Both Gwinnett and Hall Counties should comply with federal law regarding Spanish language access for voters.

November 9, 2015

Thank you once again for the serious consideration of the implementation of Spanish language access for all issues related to voting in your county.  GALEO and LatinoJustice are glad to be a resource for the county in order to get in full compliance with the Voting Rights Act (VRA), which would meet the county’s responsibilities of ensuring access to voting of the protected population under Section 4(e) of the VRA.  We do want to work in an amicable manner to achieve greater participation and access to voting; and, we welcome a collaborative partnership with the county to achieve this.


We would like to have a formal response from the county within the next month.  Then, we would like to set up a meeting soon after that in order to discuss the collaborative timeline of implementation.


Please let us know if you have other questions.


Thank you,


Jerry Gonzalez

Executive Director, GALEO

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