K. Medrano: Why Should we Have a National Holiday Honoring Cesar Chavez?

Why Should we Have a National Holiday Honoring Cesar Chavez?

By: Karla Medrano


Cesar Chavez and his contributions to this country have helped millions of families across the nation. The government of U.S. should declare a day dedicated to Cesar Chavez because he was and still is a strong leader and people living in this country need to know about his fight against discrimination.

Cesar Chavez was a fundamental for the implementation of the farm workers salary. Without his efforts, many families in the hispanic community and other ethnic groups would not be in this country, as many support their families through agriculture. He fought for the civil rights of the people that make sure healthy food get safely to the household of the American people. During the 1917’s a humble man named Cesar Chavez decided to speak up against the bad treatment and low payment people working on the fields were getting.

Nowadays we see too much violence around the world. We have seen leaders of countries that think that the best solution is to go to war, causing hatred and resentment between nations and communities. Cesar Chavez showed us that violence leads us to nothing and that speaking in a peaceful way our differences can be solved. People need to know his life, his work, and his contributions to this country so they can have a good example of a leader who fought for what he thought was right in a peaceful way, proving that violence is not the solution. Young people are losing their values and morals, how the society is separated by invisible walls that are pushing us apart from each other making unity look like a bad thing; that’s why we need  to teach our and future generations the lessons of morals and equality that Cesar Chavez left us. The U.S. is classified as a culturally diverse country; that’s why we should embrace what people from different ethnic cultures did for the good of this country which would also help decrease the racism we are living in during the last few months.


Cesar Chavez helped many people without caring about their ethnicity, backgrounds or appearance. He contributed to the U.S. economy and has influenced the lives of millions of people living in this country; that’s why he deserves to be known all across this nation and people need to know his name. A day in his honor will also be a day to celebrate the hard working people of this nation, especially those that come to this country with nothing in their hands but just faith in their hearts and wake up every morning in hope of returning home with food for their tables.


In conclusion, the U.S. government should legislate a national holiday in honor of Cesar Chavez highlighting the influence and impact his action had and still has in the lives of the American people.

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