Kuck Immigration Partners: Legal Assistant

Position Title:  Legal Assistant



  • Prepare outgoing mail
  • Schedule  appointments (current clients, and originating initial consults)
  • Forward all correspondence to clients via email or postal mail
  • Input all notices into IT and add process
  • Scan and link all incoming and outgoing correspondence into IT
  • Create status documents in IT
  • Responsible for FBI background checks/fingerprints
  • Create engagement agreements
    • Create new client buckets and labels
    • Translate for Attorneys with Spanish speaking clients (via telephone or consultations)
    • Contact clients regarding documents needed
    • Assist other Legal Assistants, as needed
    • Calendar interviews, orders of supervision, RFE’s and court hearings, appeal deadlines, document submission deadlines, attorney events
    • Verify court hearing dates
    • Filings (paginating, copying, putting tabs, scanning)
    • Cover Receptionists, as needed
    • Travel to Immigration Court and USCIS for urgent filings
    • Maintain oral and written communication with clients regarding their immigration matters (hiring process, creating cover letters for client correspondence, sending questionnaires and list of documents as requested, sending sample declarations)
    • Maintain and update IT on a regular basis with correct or updated contact information. Enter new client profiles and close out old profiles regularly.
    • Work with Attorney to establish internal deadlines for preparation of all applications and court filings. Work with Attorney to ensure proper entry of official court filing deadlines and call ups into the appropriate calendar.
    • Assist Attorneys with numbering, tabbing and copying court filings. Arrange filing to be delivered to court and chief counsel. Organize and distribute finalized work product.
    • Organize and research client documents, intake sheets, files, and e-mails.
    • Process initial retainer documents and finalize client information on intake sheet (ensure all information is correct from reception)
    • File documents in respective buckets
    • Prepare change of address forms (AR-11 with USCIS and E-33 with Immigration Court)
    • Prepare files for interview and court hearings (E-28 or G-28 for attorney covering)
    • Prepare and send faxes
    • Prepare document pick up forms
    • Prepare and request copy of file for client’s previous attorneys
    • Print calendars in advance of attorney meetings
    • Prepare DAR and file review requests for immigration court
    • Print E-28s and G-28s (if attorney’s client) before hearings and interviews
    • Schedule calls with inmates
    • Create task reminder call ups for attorney calendars
    • Prepare and submit address changes for clients on request
    • Schedule infopass appointments with USCIS


    Sue Wiggins




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