2016 Executive Committee Members


Jerry Gonzalez, Advisor & GALEO Executive Director

Katherine Vega, Chair

Karla Vasquez, Vice Chair

Jaime Rangel, Advocacy Committee Co-Chair

Estela Martinez, Advocacy Committee Co-Chair

Jonathan Blanco, Georgia Latino Vote Committee Co-Chair

Humberto Orozco, Georgia Latino Vote Committee Co-Chair


Laura Toro, Citizenship Initiative Committee Chair

OPEN, GLC Ambassador Committee Chair

Leri Argueta, Cesar Chavez Committee Chair

Juliana Henao, Leadership Committee Chair




ADVOCACY: To educate GLC Members on the legislative process and promote their increased involvement in GALEO’s advocacy efforts. The committee will host 2 educational advocacy workshops.

CITIZENSHIP INITIATIVE: To increase the number of Latino citizens in Georgia. As of 2012, there are an estimated 200,000 Latino Legal Permanent Residents who are eligible to become U.S. citizens, but have not gone through the application process yet. We will work with our partners at AILA and the LAA to host a Citizenship Drive for application assistance. This committee also conducts DACA application assistance drives.

GEORGIA LATINO VOTE: To increase the number of Latino voters and encourage their participation in every election. As of 2012, there are over 184,000 Latinos registered to vote in Georgia; while there are 88,000 eligible Latino voters not yet registered to vote. We will have a presence at Latino festivals and events to register voters.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: To focus on post GALEO Institute for Leadership (GIL) ongoing leadership development and GIL alumni networking events. Some activities have included interfaith networking with the American Jewish Committee’s ACCESS group, public speaking workshops and networking activities.

CESAR CHAVEZ DAY: To educate Georgians about Cesar Chavez, bring awareness to the plight of farm workers and to get Congress to establish a national Cesar Chavez Day National Holiday. We will hold a Cesar Chavez Day at the Georgia State Capitol and conduct an essay writing contest about Cesar Chavez’s legacy.

GALEO AMBASSADOR: To increase the number of GALEO Members and GALEO Institute for Leadership alumni involved within the GALEO Leadership Council and other GALEO activities.

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