NALEO Educational Fund Dismayed by OMB Decision on Census 2020 Race and Ethnicity Questions

January 25, 2018

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NALEO Educational Fund Dismayed by OMB Decision on Census 2020
Race and Ethnicity Questions


Despite recommendation from research experts for combined question approach, Census Bureau
will move forward with two-question format for 2018 end-to-end test and Census 2020 

Washington D.C.The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund today released a statement from Executive Director Arturo Vargas in response to the decision by the Office of Management and Budget to maintain a two-question approach for collection of race and ethnicity data in Census 2020:

“NALEO Educational Fund is deeply dismayed that the Trump Administration has determined that the Census 2020 will proceed with a two-question format on the collection of Hispanic origin and race data, overturning the recommendation of Census Bureau expert staff to use a combined race and ethnicity question.

“The Census Bureau has invested years of research and testing, costing millions in taxpayer funds, to determine how to improve the collection of these data for the 2020 Census.  The Census Bureau staff had recommended that the 2020 Census use a combined question that yielded higher quality data and more complete responses from respondents, resulting in budget savings during the decennial enumeration.

“The decision to ignore years of research and the expert advice of scientists is a blow to science and the collection of the best data possible.”

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