A. Parra: Latinos, Orlando y el control de armas

Latinos, Orlando y el control de armas

By:  Andres Para, GALEO Intern

August 18, 2016

La masacre en Orlando fue un ataque directo hacia la comunidad LGBTQ y los Estados Unidos. La mayoría de víctimas esa noche eran Latinos, y por eso nuestra comunidad sufrió especialmente con Orlando. Este triste evento es un recuerdo de la facilidad de acceso a armas en este país y de cómo la comunidad Latina es desproporcionadamente afectada por esas armas. Solo en el año 2013 casi 3.000 hispanos fueron matados por armas 1.  Aunque, como Latinos, somos menos probables que estadounidenses negros o blancos de tener un arma, somos dos veces más probables de ser víctimas por un arma que estadunidenses de piel blanca 1, 2. Es entonces esencial que como Latinos seamos parte de esta conversación de vida o muerte para demandar un control de armas racional en este país.

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Behind the Scenes of Obama’s Sudden Immigration Reversal

Found in theatlantic.com
Written by Major Garrett
Posted on 2014-07-07

More than a dozen center-left and hard-left immigration groups sent representatives to what sounded like another uninspiring strategy session in the White House’s Roosevelt Room with senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and Cecilia Munoz, head of the Domestic Policy Council.

It was early on the afternoon of June 30, and none of the participants seated around the long rectangular table had any inkling President Obama was pissed. They would soon find out. Moreover, they would discover, to their surprise, that Obama was no longer pissed at them, but with them.

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Lt. Melissa Vargas: ready to serve

Found in La Voz Latina (Savannah)
Written by John Newton
Posted on 2014-07-01

I interviewed Melissa Vargas four years ago in the spring of 2010. The Groves High School graduate had just been awarded a four-year congressional scholarship to attend the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, New York.

West Point has produced more than its share of military heroes as well as national business and political leaders so there was lots of prestige attached to Melissa’s appointment. The fact that she was both Latina and the first member of her family to attend college made her story even more interesting. A first-generation American citizen, both her parents are from Mexico (her father was born in Guadalajara and her mother in San Luis Potosi).

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