Stephanie Gomez, 2019 Summer Intern

Born and raised in Georgia, Stephanie Gomez is a rising senior at Georgia State University. As a first-generation college student higher education has always been of great importance. She is part of the Georgia State University Honors College and is currently majoring in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy and a concentration in Pre-Law. 

Stephanie is the proud daughter of hardworking immigrants whose citizenship process inspired her to pursue a career in law. She hopes to pursue her Juris Doctorate and specialize in immigration law, where she can make a positive impact on her community. 

During her time at Georgia State, Stephanie interned at an immigration law firm where she was exposed to pressing issues that greatly affect the latino community. This along with her own parents experience inspired her to get more involved with the latino community. In order to gain more experience with state laws Stephanie decided to intern at the Georgia State Capitol. She served as a senate aide to two state senators and worked in the Natural Resources and the Environment Committee. In addition, she is a part of her school’s pre-law club where she is a member of the public relations committee. 

As a GALEO intern, Stephanie hopes to help the latino community be more engaged in the political process and increase their voter turnout. She plans on using her past work experiences and education to help increase civic engagement in the latino community and help them better understand their rights.

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