Advocacy: 2019 Trump Shut Down & NO Border Wall!

Advocacy: 2019 Trump Shut Down & NO Border Wall!

January 10, 2019

As we start off the year, we are quickly reminded that our commitment to our nation’s democracy continues to need our attention.  The 2018 elections saw significant increases in voter participation around the country that broke records.  In Georgia, the Latino vote performed 3 times higher that in previous midterm elections…and we are just warming up for local elections this year and in 2020.
Last night, we heard from the White House some statements made by the President that were blatantly false and misleading regarding immigration.  Much of the rhetoric he is using is based upon racist rhetoric against immigrants.   Unfortunately, the president continues his disgraceful fear mongering of a manufactured crisis while he hold over 800,000 federal workers hostage to fund his pet project – a racist symbol – his border wall.
Despite the fact that he had two years of Republican controlled Congress that did not fund his pet project of the border wall, he now insists it is a “crisis”.  Despite the fact that the president has repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, he now want us to pay for the wall.  Despite the fact that national security experts say the wall will not solve our immigration problems, the president insists on demanding funding for it.  He has clearly not demonstrated the capacity for leadership.
Additionally, yesterday, Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren penned an open letter supporting the border wall with fear mongering language and outlandish statements.  The sheriff in Cobb County is a disgrace and should apologize to Cobb County residents.
As we continue 2019, please take a look below at many ways in which you would be able to engage and defend our nation’s democracy.  Now, more than ever, is your voice needed and your actions with our efforts are essential.  Please join us!
Please join our advocacy efforts by joining our texting campaign.  Please stay engaged and respond to important actions by texting the word IMMIGRATION to the short code number 864-237.  This will add you to our texting program to ensure we speak up at needed times.
Please consider the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund as you prioritize your end of the year donations.  Please follow the link here:
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Jerry Gonzalez
Executive Director
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2018 GALEO Institute for Leadership Graduation
2018 GALEO Institute for Leadership Graduation
Ask our U.S. Senators to end the #TrumpShutDown & not to fund the border wall #NoWall
Your U.S. Senators must take a stand to re-open the federal government and not to support the border wall.  You may call them at the numbers below.
Isakson, Johnny – (R – GA)
131 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
Phone:  (202) 224-3643

Perdue, David – (R – GA)
455 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
Phone:  (202) 224-3521
Fox 5 News:  Cobb County Sheriff supports President Trump’s wall
COBB COUNTY, Ga. (FOX 5 Atlanta) – As President Trump spoke to the nation Tuesday night about building a wall along the southern border, one of his strongest supporters was in Cobb County, Sheriff Neil Warren.
Jerry Gonzalez is the Director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.  He says Sheriff Warren is doing a disservice to Cobb County residents. “I think it’s disgraceful for a public service official to be utilizing his position to be fear mongering against immigrants,” said Gonzalez.
See video and full article here:
Contact his office here:
Sheriff Neil Warren

Telephone: 770-499-4611
New Poll: By 52-33% Margin, Americans Blame Trump/GOP for Government Shutdown over the Border Wall
New polling from Politico/Morning Consult shows that Trump and Republicans are losing the battle of public opinion on the shutdown:
  • By a combined 52-33% margin, Americans blame Trump/Republicans for the shutdown with a huge plurality holding President Trump responsible.

More info here:

FREE Citizenship Clinic!  Please help us spread the word.

Saturday, January 19th, 2019: CPACS Office.  GALEO is hosting a free citizenship workshop Saturday, January 19th at CPACS Office 3510 Shallowford Rd, Atlanta, GA 30341. At this free naturalization workshop, we will be helping green card holders apply for U.S. citizenship. Green card holders will be given one-on-one assistance in completing their application forms and fee waivers, provided with individual legal review by an attorney, and given a clear list of next steps. SEE STEPS BELOW ON HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE
To register for the event as a potential applicant – REGISTER HERE:
Sabado, 19 de Enero: CPACS Office
Eres un Residente Legal y quieres aplicar para ser Ciudadano Americano? GALEO te puede ayudar. Sabado, 6 de Octobre vamos a tener un taller para la ciudadania en Atlanta para ayudar llenar tu aplicacion de Ciudadania. Vamos a estar en CPACS Office 3510 Shallowford Rd, Atlanta, GA 30341. Por favor haga una reserva llamando 1-888-544-2536 o visita:   PASOS POR DEBAJO EN COMO USTED PUEDE PARTICIPAR
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GALEO celebrated 15 years of great work in our community!

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El Quince de GALEO
El Quince de GALEO
Celebrate 15 years of GALEO! Join us! #iamGALEO

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Hall County should have bilingual access in English and Spanish for all elections material!
GALEO and other community members have launched a petition addressed to Hall County Commissioners and the Hall County Elections Board.  Please spread the word!

#HallEspanol #GALatinoVote

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