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Contract or Fellowship Opportunity: Assistant Disinformation Analyst

Contract or Fellowship Opportunity: Assistant Disinformation Analyst

Hiring immediately


Common Cause Education Fund is hiring an Assistant Disinformation Analyst contractor or fellow to assist with our Stopping Cyber Suppression program, part of the national nonpartisan Election Protection Coalition.


Time commitment: Contractors must be able to do a minimum of 20 hours a week, but full-time opportunity available as well. Fellowships are available for current students but must be able to devote time during business hours each day of the week.



Foreign actors, online trolls, and partisan activists will deploy voter intimidation and misinformation in the 2020 election cycle at an even greater level than we have ever seen before. And with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting the election process (including registration and voting), voters are at an even heightened risk of disinformation attacks from both foreign and domestic bad actors.

Common Cause Education Fund has been leading a rapid response social media monitoring and anti-disinformation project for Election Protection since 2016. However, social media has also become more challenging to monitor centrally, as closed-group social networks like WhatsApp and Facebook are now the primary vectors for damaging disinformation. We are building a network of grassroots volunteers to monitor social media for disinformation and promote accurate nonpartisan voter information. This will result in thousands of disinformation tips and issues submitted to our database.


The role and deliverables: assist our Disinformation Analyst in reviewing thousands of disinformation reports. Triage the most important disinformation reports for rapid response. Set up smart social listening and assist state partners with smart social listening strategies. Review and triage cyber suppression submissions from our grassroots network to make sure the most dangerous or trending disinformation is known to organizations and state leads across Election Protection (and provide related inoculation and corrective content).

Key Activities:

• Analyze social media via advanced analytic tools (Crowdtangle) and report overperforming posts containing election/voting disinfo.

• Search Twitter daily or multiple times daily for common disinformation terms to assist removal from the platform.

• Review our database of disinformation and create connections between examples to understand broader narratives and trends.

• Review our database of disinformation for foreign-language content that can be sent to partners for translation.


Timing: starting immediately and running through Nov. 30, 2020 with possible extension into December.


Budget: A full-time contractor is budgeted at $5,000/month; pro-rated for part-time contractors. Fellows are available for current students with limited hours, with a stipend of $1,500 for the entirety of the program.



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