GALEO is more than just five letters.  GALEO is committed to greater civic engagement and leadership development of the Latino community across Georgia.  GALEO is not just the staff nor the board members.  GALEO is everyone across the state that supports and stands for our mission and engagement.  GALEO is a community of people across the state ready to make a difference to make a better Georgia for us all.

If you’d like to share your reasons why you’re part of #iamGALEO, please contact us here!

Laura Murvartian, GALEO Chair, GIL 2008

Antonio Molina, GALEO Leadership Council

Nataly Morales Villa, GALEO Canvasser

Camilo Caballero, Former GALEO Intern

Victoria Arzu

Belen Reyes, GALEO Volunteer (Calhoun, GA)

Catalina Ortiz, GALEO Member

Ivette Betancourt, GALEO Leadership Council member

Mallika Dinesh, Gainesville, GA

Mercedes Visval, Dalton, GA