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Ramos & Law is Hiring: Legal Assistant

Employment Announcement: Position of Legal Assistant


Ramos & Law is an established law firm dedicated to representing Georgia’s working class. Our firm is dedicated to maximizing injured employees’ recovery from their occupational accidents. While our principal office is located off of Lenox Road, our firm provides workers’ compensation services to all regions in the State of Georgia.

Essential Job Duties

 Effectively communicate with potential and current clients;

  1. Manage legal documentation and correspondence;
  2. Draft effective emails, answering phones, and handling general office tasks;
  3. Perform initial file opening tasks and filings within ICMS (State Board’s e-filing system);
  4. Provide information to clients and solve basic administrative problems including:
    1. Irregularities with weekly payments;
    2. Mileage reimbursement;
    3. Appointment scheduling;
    4. Arrangement of transportation; and
    5. Securement of approval of medical
  5. Maintain the firm’s active calendar;
  6. Proof and finalize basic correspondence or documents drafted by attorneys;
  7. Draft basic letters and launch forms for review/modification by the attorneys;
  8. Handle medical records management:
    1. Request records via telephone;
    2. Request records via a formal request when necessary;
    3. Monitor those requests to make sure we get records;
    4. Save the records to the client’s file;
    5. Possibly summarize or provide chronologies of medical records; and
    6. Compile medical records for use by experts or examining
  9. Work with attorney to prepare cases (for settlement, hearing, mediation, or deposition)
    1. Analysis of wage records and possible income benefits owed;
    2. Verification of benefits and rate being paid;
    3. Verification of medical and panels process;
    4. Review and analyze requests for records and documents and take appropriate action as needed;
    5. Analysis of medical releases as requested by defense counsel and prepare necessary 207s to forward; and
    6. Preparation of litigation exhibits (for medical documents, motions, etc).

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  1. Assist with Completion of Discovery Requests
    1. Sort discovery responses;
    2. Format and draft answers to discovery for attorney review; and
    3. Track and monitor WC-102 requests and responses to
  2. Perform other miscellaneous administrative duties as


Minimum Qualifications


  1. Two-year degree or equivalent certification; or High school degree with relevant work
  2. Two years of working experience in an administrative capacity;
  3. Experience in a professional legal office setting;
  4. Strong technology and computing knowledge;
  5. Excellent interpersonal, communication skills (written and verbal);
  6. Affinity for problem solving and “next level thinking”;
  7. Able to take direction and work independently with little to no supervision;
  8. Highly organized / detailed oriented; and
  9. Strong work


Preferential Qualifications


  1. Language proficiency in English and Spanish (written and spoken);
  2. Working knowledge of workers’ compensation law; and
  3. Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and other MS Office




Ramos & Law strongly believes in paying its employees, not only a livable wage, but a competitive wage. We believe in Georgia’s workforce. We also provide opportunities for employees to grow within our firm, and we value professional development.


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