Step-by-Step Instructional Video

The purpose of this video to help eligible voters and volunteers become familiar on how to complete a Georgia voter registration form. Remember, you must be a US citizen and over 18 years of age to register to vote. For any further questions, comments or concerns, please call the GA Latino Vote hotline at 1-888-54GALEO.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is ‘moral turpitude’?

Moral turpitude is a legal term referring to “conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals.” In other words, it is an act considered appalling or coarse by the court that tried the crime(s). In some jurisdictions, moral turpitude conduct can still have negative legal implications even without conviction.


What is the difference between my mailing address and my resident address?


Your mailing address refers to the address or P.O. box in which you can receive mail. It may be different from a resident address, which is where you live.


What happens if I don’t have any form of identification with me when filling out the form?


If you don’t have any identification, it is okay. You can bring a government issued form of identification with you on Election Day.


What is a poll officer, and what do they do?


A poll officer is a volunteer whose duties include signing in registered voters, explaining voting procedure and use of voting equipment, providing ballots, and monitoring the conduct of the election.