Your vote is your voice: Su voto es su voz! If you are already registered to vote in Georgia, stay up to date on any following elections!

If you are not yet registered to vote, or if you are not eligible to vote, you can still help support the campaign! Let’s work together to make Georgia and our nation a better place for our entire community. You can help by making a pledge to:

Register 10 new voters

Donate $10 to help support our voter registration campaign

Give 10 hours of volunteer time

In addition, we have an ongoing need for the following types of donated campaign supplies:

  • Printing
  • Gift cards to Office Depot
  • Envelopes (size 9 x 12 or 10 x 13)
  • Sheets or rolls of Stamps
  • Blue or black ink pens
  • Cases of bottled water
  • Clip boards

To make your in-kind donation, please contact Harvey Soto at harvey@galeo.org or 770.558.2962.

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