Cyntia Sosa is currently an intern for the Spring 2020 position. She was born and raised in Lawrenceville, Georgia but her family is originally from Durango, Mexico. She lived in Mexico for a year when she was younger and gained double citizenship for Mexico and the United States. She is the middle child and the only girl in her family, with an older and younger brother.

Cyntia is a junior majoring in Social Work at Georgia State University. During her senior year in high school, she was awarded the Goizueta Pipeline Foundation scholarship, which has provided her with many opportunities such as leadership development and traveling experiences. She also works as a mentor in the Latinx Leadership Initiative where she is able to go to different high schools and talk to the students about succeeding in college. She enjoys volunteering with different organizations such as Trees Atlanta and at her local church. 

During the course of the internship, Cyntia hopes to be able to do more work in order to advocate for immigration rights. She wants to give back to her community, as she has many family and friends who are in difficult situations because of their immigration status. She also hopes to gain more knowledge about civic engagement that could help her in her future career as a social work practitioner.