Nico Bernal is a current intern for the Summer 2021 semester. Born in Bogota, Colombia, he migrated to Lawrenceville, Georgia with his family in 2007. Having experienced the difficulties of being a first-generation immigrant, as well as the unending kindness shown to him by the Latino community, he is dedicated to the fight for equality and success shared by all Latinos in Georgia.

In this pursuit, Nico established a non-profit tutoring business (Bernal Tutoring Services) that aimed to help low-income minority families. He found his passion for activism in 2014 while helping local political campaigns; since then, he has worked for 3 separate candidates, making sure to target outreach towards marginalized peoples. Other ventures include working as a Poll Manager for Gwinnett County Elections, interning with the ACLU of Georgia as a policy analyst, and volunteering with Immigration Justice to help translate legal documents for immigrants.

Nico graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a minor in French. During his time at university, he led the Latin Dance Club, volunteered with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, organized Teach-ins to inform others about immigrant issues, and developed international relations as part of AIESEC. As part of GALEO, he aspires to continue serving his community by advocating for immigrant rights, engagement with the electoral process, and shaping a new generation of Latino leaders.