We have the Primary Elections coming up May 22, 2018 and General Elections on November 6, 2018

You can check mvp.sos.ga.gov to see if you can vote in any of your local elections.

Section 203 of the VRA and Spanish Ballots in Gwinnett County

When Congress amended the Voting Rights Act in 1975 by adding Section 203, it found that “through the use of various practices and procedures, citizens of language minorities have been effectively excluded from participation in the electoral process….The Congress declares that, in order to enforce the guarantees of the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the United States Constitution, it is necessary to eliminate such discrimination by prohibiting these practices.”

Section 203 provides: “Whenever any State or political subdivision [covered by the section] provides registration or voting notices, forms, instructions, assistance, or other materials or information relating to the electoral process, including ballots, it shall provide them in the language of the applicable minority group as well as in the English language.”

What jurisdictions are covered under Section 203?

Gwinnett County has now been designated under Section 203 and must provide all election materials in both English and Spanish. These materials include signs, forms, ballots, and also bilingual assistance in all elections!