Georgia's Anti-Voter Law | SB202

SB 202 cuts to several vital mechanisms increasingly used by voters of color, including early voting, absentee ballots, and ballot drop boxes, and adding new and unnecessary ID requirements for absentee ballots. The bill also threatens groups like the League of Women Voters and its partners with fines for assisting voters with their absentee ballots.

The 2020 election saw the most significant voter participation in history, with Georgia witnessing an increase in registration numbers and voter participation—especially among Black and other communities of color. The provisions in SB 202 would eliminate Georgia’s growth in voter participation. Still, they would take voting rights backward in the state, particularly for voters of color who are undeniably targeted by the bill. For instance, SB 202 allows country registrars to eliminate Sunday early voting hours, used by many Black and Brown churches and faith groups to deliver community members to the polls.

“This new law intended to discriminate against minority and poor voters in Georgia,” said Jerry Gonzalez, CEO of GALEO. “Our communities will stand together to work against these Jim Crow tactics pushing to take our state backward.”

SB 202 in Georgia means:

  • You must vote at your assigned precinct.
  • You must provide voter ID for both absentee ballot request application and actual absentee ballot.
  • You cannot pass out refreshments to fellow voters.
  • You may have to defend your eligibility to vote if challenged by a fellow voter.
  • You will have less access to voting dropboxes.
  • You can no longer request an absentee ballot online.