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May 20, 2019
Last week, we sent out an advocacy alert to help stand in support of Judge Dax Lopez, being considered for an appointment by Gov. Kemp to the Stone Mountain Circuit Superior Court. 
Please see below on additional action you can take to ensure we have a fair review of Judge Lopez in this process without consideration for the unwarranted political attacks from anti-immigrant extremists.  More information is posted below on who is behind these efforts too.
In 2020, we will begin the important process of making sure every single person, including all babies, are counted in the 2020 Census.  The Georgia Latino Complete Count Committee continues to form and expand.  Contact if you would like to join our efforts!
Please see all the ways you can engage in our efforts today. Then, please share on social media too. 
Please join our advocacy efforts by joining our texting campaign.  Please stay engaged and respond to important actions by texting the word IMMIGRATION to the short code number 864-237.  This will add you to our texting program to ensure we speak up at needed times.  
Please consider the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund as you prioritize your end of the year donations.  Please follow the link here:

Thank you for your support!

Jerry Gonzalez
Executive Director


Your SUPPORT is necessary for Judge Lopez!
Judge Dax Lopez is an exemplary judge who has served DeKalb County with honor and distinction for many years now and has been re-elected twice by the people of DeKalb County. He also has the only Spanish language diversion drug court in the state of Georgia. 
He is well respected from many other judges, lawyers, elected officials on both sides of the aisle, and of course strongly respected within the communities he serves. 
Secondly, GALEO has been a steadfast and long-serving non-partisan organization in Georgia promoting greater civic engagement and leadership development of the Latino community in our state. We have graduated over 600 people from our nationally recognized grassroots leadership program, the GALEO Institute for Leadership. The Latino electorate has grown from a mere 10,000 in 2003 to well over 240,000 in 2016; furthermore, the Latino electorate is more engaged and outperforms the national Latino voter participation rates in many jurisdictions across the state. Our board members have been named to serve our nation and state from bipartisan administrations: President Bush, President Obama, Governor Perdue and Governor Deal. GALEO’s work has been lauded both nationally and statewide for our commitment to our democracy and encouraging of the Latino community to become more engaged.
Lastly, the issue at heart in the opposition is our position on immigration reform. To be clear, our position has been consistent with positions of both the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Our position for a movement forward from our current broken immigration system has been mainstream and not considered at all on the extreme. Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren’s views on immigration are aligned with more extreme anti-immigrant views and would work to alienate and create fear, which actually diminish public safety in Cobb County.
With all of this, we do need you to raise your voice to help support an exemplary judge who deserves to continue to serve our state in higher capacities to ensure our state the benefit of his insight, perspective and leadership. Please join us in supporting Judge Dax Lopez.
Please take a moment to write a letter of support for Judge Dax Lopez’s consideration to Governor Kemp.
Thank you!
Jerry Gonzalez
Executive Director
GALEO & GALEO Latino Community Development Fund
For more information and context, please follow this link.
Letters to Governor Kemp may be mailed to:
Office of the Governor
206 Washington Street
111 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Who is behind the political attacks on Judge Lopez?
Phil Kent & D.A. King, a convicted felon, both associate with white nationalism.  Learn more below.
ADL Urges Governor Deal: Reexamine Appointment of Anti-Immigrant Activist to Georgia Immigration Enforcement Review Board (9/7/11).  Bill Nigut, Executive Director of the ADL office at that time said “Mr. Kent’s fixation with maintaining white culture is deeply disturbing, and his resort to fear mongering about undocumented residents is equally abhorrent.”
Dustin Inman Society:  “The Dustin Inman Society is a Georgia-based anti-immigrant hate group founded and led by activist D.A. King. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists it as an anti-immigrant hate group
because it denigrates immigrants and supports efforts to make the lives of immigrants so hard that they leave on their own-a tactic known as “attrition through enforcement.” 
DA King’s Ties to White Nationalists:  In 2007, DIS accepted $5,000 from U.S. Inc, John Tanton’s foundation. Tanton is a Michigan opthamologist turned white nationalist who has created a network of anti-immigrant organizations.  “For me, while standing a few feet away from group after group, the impulse to reach out and personally deport these Third World invaders was nearly uncontrollable” King wrote in a June 2006 VDARE article. 
In April 2007, for example, when speaking at a Newton County (Georgia) Republican Party meeting, Mr. King reportedly suggested that undocumented immigrants are ‘not here to mow your lawn – they’re here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me.’  Mr. King has also asserted that the United States is ‘being invaded and colonized’ by a ‘Mexican mob that brings with it a culture of lawlessness and chaos.’
Free Citizenship Clinic on June 1st in Macon!  
Spread the word!
Saturday, June 1st!

Mark your calendars for this FREE citizenship clinic hosted by Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlantawith the support of and the New Americans Campaign!


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If you know of DACA recipients in need of renewals, Latino Community Fund of Georgia is co-hosting along with StepUp Savannah and SUYA a FREE renewal clinic on June 15th. 
The link to register is:
Please help us spread the word with this important Census 2020 survey on messaging!
Your help is needed with this survey.  As we get ready for one of the most consequential Census in our lifetimes, we need to make sure we reach all Latinos in Georgia.  This survey will help inform our messaging in Georgia.  Please spread the word and encourage Spanish-speaking individuals on taking this survey as to which type of messaging best would motivate them for participation in the 2020 Census.
This is the link:
Let’s work together against 287(g) in Gwinnett!
The campaign to get ICE Out of Gwinnett is a group of concerned individuals from Gwinnett County to end the 287(g) program. The campaign is led by Asian American’s Advancing Justice – Atlanta, other organizations, and community members.  GALEO is proud to partner in these efforts.  
To sign on to support getting ICE out of Gwinnett, please sign up here:  
Follow the campaign efforts and activities on facebook:
GALEO’s 16th Annual Power Breakfast!

Keynote speaker:  Irma Esparza Diggs
Senior Executive and Director, Federal Advocacy, National League of Cities

Date:  Friday, June 7th, 2019
Time:  8:30 AM – 11:00 AM

More information is posted online:


Hall County should have bilingual access in English and Spanish for all elections material!
GALEO and other community members have launched a petition addressed to Hall County Commissioners and the Hall County Elections Board.  Please spread the word!

#HallEspanol #GALatinoVote  

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