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J. González, GALEO, responde al discurso sobre el Estado de la Unión

(Norcross, GA)  Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director, GALEO, released the following statement as reaction to the State of the Union Address by President Trump:

“President Trump once again used fear and lies about immigrants to create the illusion of an imaginary crisis at the southern border.  The fact is that the southern border has never been more secure, and the overwhelming majority of drugs smuggled across our border come in through ports of entry — a border wall would neither make us safer nor stop drug smugglers. 

A wall is not a solution to our broken immigration system.  Smart border security is making sure border ports of entry have the resources, technology and personnel to keep us safe, facilitate trade and process immigration.  If the President is truly interested in moving forward, he should focus on constructive negotiations with Congress to find sustainable immigration solutions that strengthen our economy and promote true national security.  A compromise solution that allows DREAMers and TPS recipients to continue contributing permanently to our country should be the cornerstone of the negotiations.  In addition, enhancing our border security by investing in ports of entry would unite two proposals the overwhelming majority of Americans support.”


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