Récord de votaciones en Georgia

Natalia B. Dutra Record-breaking voter turnout is making headlines across the US. People everywhere are casting their ballots for the November election. According to MSNBC, as of October 24th, the number of people who have voted has already surpassed one-third of total voters in the 2016 election, and about twenty percent of those votes were […]

Da las gracias a tus Phone Bankers: Cómo conseguir el voto durante una pandemia mundial

Laura Jimenez, Fall 2020 Intern We have all received phone calls that we wish we would not have answered. We often regret picking up the phone for telemarketers, bill collectors, scammers, and now, more prevalently, phone bankers. As the 2020 General Election comes to a close, politics and civic duty has progressively become more relevant to every […]