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 ATLANTA, GA – On April 9th, 2021, GALEO unveiled the latest Latinx leaders to graduate from the GALEO Institute for Leadership in partnership with Georgia State University (GSU) and their Goizueta Scholarship program, sponsored by the GSU’s Latino Student Services & Outreach with the graduation reception celebrated on the premises of The Nett Church in Lilburn, Georgia.

Celebrating the 21st group of Latinx graduates from the program, GALEO Institute for Leadership alumni count stands proudly at 687 graduates. During the ceremony, the Brazillian poet, Aline Mello, shared encouraging words with the graduates while simultaneously urging them to be fundamental leaders in their communities. Elizabeth Silva, GALEO’s Program Coordinator for Leadership Development, celebrated their accomplishments while Jennifer Zenteno directed the efforts of her last graduation with GALEO as Program Manager for Leadership Development.

The graduates developed essential leadership skills while learning from influential community advocates and discovering potential opportunities to increase their newly polished abilities. Various facilitators spoke to the graduates like:

  • Maria Del Rosario Palacios – Entrepreneur, Palacios Contigo, LLC & Community Activist
  • Juliana Henao – GLC Advisory Committee | GIL Facilitator | Alumni 2013
  • Cassandra Johnson- GIL Facilitator and Alumnus
  • Genny Castillo – Regional Engagement Director, SEAP
  • Diana Vela-Martinez – Director of Leadership Chapters for Hispanic Organization Promoting Education
  • Jaime Rangel – State Immigration Associate, FWD. US
  • Katherine Vega – GIL Alumnus & Daytime Project Manager

For years, the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund has led the GALEO Institute for Leadership to cultivate leaders in the Latinx community across the state of Georgia. GALEO established a strategic alliance with the University of Georgia’s Fanning Institute to expand and develop the collective endeavors of the Community Leadership program of our organization.

After devoting over 80 hours to the program, graduates from various counties across Georgia completed modules, group presentations, and several projects virtually due to the global pandemic. The GIL program was a success thanks to the Georgia State University, the Sapelo Foundation, the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, the University of Georgia-Fanning Institute, Georgia Power, State Farm Insurance Company, GALEO, and numerous individual donors. We want to thank all of our supporters who are invested in cultivating the next generation of Latinx leaders in Georgia.

On behalf of the GALEO Leadership Community Development Fund staff, we would like to congratulate all the graduates and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

 For inquiries regarding the 2021 statewide GALEO Institute for Leadership, please contact Elizabeth Silva at esilva@galeo.org while photographic still of the graduation are available upon request and our social media pages. On the other hand, for sponsorship opportunities for the 2020-2021 sessions, please contact Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of GALEO, at jerry@galeo.org.

 GALEO is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded in 2013. GALEO strives for a better Georgia where the Latinx community is engaged civically. GALEO contributions are involved in increasing civic participation of the Latinx community and developing prominent Latino leaders throughout Georgia.

www.galeo.org – 888.54GALEO


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