Vamos Pa'Fuera

Vamos Pa’fuera is an initiative created to bridge the gap between the Latino community and our natural environment. 

We strive for a world in which Latinos are environmentally conscious and culturally committed to preserving nature, with a deep understanding of the impact human behavior can have on our planet.

Through our new initiative, Vamos Pa’Fuera, we aim to: 

Encourage conscientious Latino involvement with the natural environment.
Educate community members on the impact of environmental issues.
Facilitate community-driven conservation and sustainability practices.


Vamos Pa’Fuera is an initiative focused on taking action to engage families with educational workshops, volunteering opportunities, and hands-on activities in both Spanish and English. By participating in these activities and engaging our community through traditional grassroots organizing, families can gain knowledge and skills that can be passed down to future generations. Our goal is to inspire and encourage families to take an active role in caring for the environment, hoy, mañana, y siempre.

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