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Applications for the 2024 GIL Are Closed

Check in the fall for more information regarding 2025 GIL Application

GALEO Institute for Leadership


“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

Leadership Team

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GALEO Institute for Leadership Goals

Educate: The GIL Program aims to develop knowledgeable, skilled, committed, and action-oriented leaders. Participants from diverse backgrounds and different perspectives gain a better understanding of themselves and their role as community leaders while enhancing their existing leadership skills. These skills include: valuing and utilizing diversity, understanding group dynamics, effective communication, conflict management, decision making, collaboration, and an understanding of the political and social realities of Georgia. These skills are taught by trained facilitators using a curriculum from the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership at the University of Georgia.

Connect: One of the goals of the GIL Program is to provide an opportunity for community leaders to meet and connect. The networking options available through the program allow GIL participants to meet like-minded individuals with whom to collaborate and affect change. Members will be able to meet with and hear from leaders in the business and non-profit sector, local and state offices, and other community leaders. In this way, participants will better understand how to lead change in their communities effectively. The connections gained through the completion of the program serve as great resources for individuals to attain leadership positions in their communities and mobilize others towards common goals.

Inspire: The GALEO Institute for Leadership is designed to create leaders that think outside of the box to solve current issues. We strive to have participants that will utilize their leadership training to create a meaningful impact within their communities or area of work. GIL graduates often mention the program as a motivation and influencing factor within their roles as elected officials, business leaders, non-profit executives, and countless other occupations.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

GIL 2024 Dates

GALEO Institute for Leadership Curriculum

J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership at the University of Georgia – Community Leadership Program: It has been said that leadership is a prime force that makes positive things happen in a community. The Community Leadership Program (CLP) 5th Edition Curriculum develops knowledgeable, skilled, committed, and action-oriented community leaders. The CLP brings together people from diverse backgrounds and varying perspectives to share ideas and experiences, develop new skills and knowledge about leadership, and create plans and strategies for implementing community advancement projects.

The GALEO/CLP curriculum includes nine core modules:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Making Group Decisions
  • Building Communities Through Collaboration
  • Valuing Community Diversity
  • Group Dynamics
  • Conducting Successful Meetings
  • Managing Conflict
  • Local Government

Supplementary Workshops and Speakers: Besides learning from the research-based curriculum, the GIL Program brings in relevant community leaders and guest speakers who currently live out the skills and values discussed in training. Participants will hear from people in the field and manage the different issues brought up throughout the program. This allows participants the opportunity to see the curriculum applied on a first-hand basis and to ask questions. Besides having leaders speak on the specific topic at hand, we bring in speakers relevant to the interests of the current program participants and tailor these workshops also to meet the needs of the participants going through the program. This holistic approach allows participants to develop skills by using an effective curriculum, hearing from current leaders, and learning within the context of their particular goals and interests.

Community Projects: As part of the GALEO Institute for Leadership, participants will be required to carry out a group community project. These projects will be developed together within small groups of fellow participants and should encompass some sort of ultimate benefit for the community (as defined by the group). Participants will have the freedom to select their own scope of work within specific guidelines and implement the project from start to finish. GALEO provides a stipend for some project expenses. Updates on group projects are presented at the GIL sessions, and feedback/support from GALEO staff is provided. Towards the end of the course, the various groups will present their projects to the entire cohort and multiple stakeholders.

Application Process

Applications for 2024 GIL are closed. Check back in the fall for more information regarding 2025 GIL applications.

Please direct any questions to our Director of Leadership Development, Elizabeth Silva, or our Program Coordinator, Marifer Vizcaino-Garcia


To be eligible to apply for the program, participants must be at least 18 years old. Other desirable characteristics in a candidate include the ability to work well with groups, timeliness, and being detail-oriented. Participants from ALL backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Characteristics of Successful Candidates: GIL Participants should be individuals who have a passion for serving others and being a voice for change in their community. Successful candidates are able to identify sources of conflict or areas of development within an environment and apply critical thinking to these situations. Past participants have demonstrated time management skills, are detail-oriented, work efficiently within groups, and are committed to the program and their group project members. Participants should have prior volunteer and/or community engagement experience and a basic understanding of issues facing their community.


The participation dues for the GALEO Institute for Leadership 2024 are as follows:
Adult: $250.00
Student: $50.00

Limited scholarships are available for 50% of the fee. Financial necessity will have to be documented and demonstrated. Please get in touch with Elizabeth Silva,,  for details. If a scholarship is granted, attendance to ALL sessions will be required, or the scholarship will be forfeited, and the recipient will have the pay the remainder of the dues.

Participation dues are payable upon the commencement of the program. Payment in installments will be accepted upon approval by the Director of Leadership Development.

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