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Atlanta, GA, August 7, 2019 … #HateFreeGA coalition partners GLAHR, GALEO, Urban League,
Maura’s Voice and ADL will hold a press conference on Friday, August 9, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST
at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta to renew their call for hate crime legislation to be passed in
Georgia. Representatives from the Coalition for a Hate Free Georgia will also be in attendance.

 WHO: Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), Georgia Association of Latino Elected
Officials (GALEO), Urban League of Greater Atlanta, Maura’s Voice, ADL Southeast and members
of the #HateFreeGA Coalition
WHEN: Friday, August 9th, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST
WHAT: Renewing the call for hate crime legislation (HB 426) in the State of Georgia
WHERE: Second Floor, South Wing Steps; Georgia State Capitol – 206 Washington St SW, Atlanta,
GA 30334

Members of the #HateFreeGA coalition responded to the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas by
renewing their call for a hate crime law in Georgia. Faced with strong evidence that this shooting was
motivated by hatred toward Hispanic people and the immigrant community, it is time for Georgia to

take a stand. Officials are considering hate crime charges. 

Given the rise of hate crimes nationally, including several incidents in Georgia, it is more important
than ever that Georgia join the 45 other states with a statewide hate crime law.

Adelina Nicholls, Executive Director of Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), said,
“It is not time to be silent, it is not time to be hidden, this is the time to defend our community and
families. It is time to raise our united voices and clearly condemn hate. The constant attacks against
communities of color, ranging from dangerous rhetoric and discriminatory policies to physical
attacks, such as the deadly shooting in El Paso, T.X. this past weekend, reflect a disturbing rise in
racism and white supremacy. Our leaders must clearly and strongly condemn this behavior.”

Jeff Binkley, the founder of Maura’s Voice, said, “The tragedy of El Paso is a tragedy for our country.
One of all too many through which a common thread of hatred clearly runs. My family and I
understand the loss and pain felt by the survivors. On November 2, 2018, my daughter Maura
Binkley, an Atlanta native and Dunwoody High graduate, lost her life in a shooting at a Tallahassee
yoga studio. This was a premeditated crime and the motive was hatred toward women. A hate crime. I
was surprised to learn that Georgia does not have a hate crime law. Violent hatred endangers people
in every state and every community. It is the responsibility of all to build a legal and social
framework to respond to these attacks directly and forcefully.”

Allison Padilla-Goodman, ADL Southeast Regional Director noted, “The unique harm hate crimes
cause impacts not only victims, but their entire communities. We call on the Georgia legislature to
pass a HB 426 and send a clear message across Georgia that bigotry in all forms is wrong, does not
reflect our character and will not be tolerated in Georgia.”

Here are some links of media coverage if you did not see this over the weekend:


The Coalition for a Hate Free Georgia represents 34 organizations advocating for better hate crimes
laws in Georgia.

Founded nearly 15 years ago, the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR) is a non-
profit, community-based organization that educates, organizes, and empowers Latino immigrants

across Georgia to defend and advance their civil and human rights.

GALEO’s mission is to increase civic engagement and leadership development of the Latino/Hispanic
community across Georgia. CORE BELIEFS: Inclusive, Non-Partisan, Diversity, Responsive, learn
more at

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta has been all about economic empowerment since we opened
our doors more than 98 years ago, as part of a broader, National Urban League network of 98
historic civil rights organizations throughout the United States—all dedicated to fostering economic
empowerment in order to elevate the standard of living in historically underserved urban

Maura’s Voice is a foundation for research and advocacy, created to better understand the
interconnective relationship of mental illness, hate, and violence, and their impacts on the public
safety of our nation. Founded in memory of Maura Binkley, who was killed in a hate crime targeting
women, Maura’s Voice provides policymakers and leaders with fact-based information on the
underlying issues of systemic violence in the hopes of uncovering workable solutions to a better

ADL is a leading anti-hate organization. Founded in 1913 in response to an escalating climate of
anti-Semitism and bigotry, its timeless mission is to protect the Jewish people and to secure justice
and fair treatment to all. Today, ADL continues to fight all forms of hate with the same vigor and
passion. ADL is the first call when acts of anti-Semitism occur. A global leader in exposing
extremism, delivering anti-bias education and fighting hate online, ADL’s ultimate goal is a world in
which no group or individual suffers from bias, discrimination or hate. More at

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