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Latino Electorate Trends in 2022

Recently, the AJC published an article discussing the changes in Georgia’s voting trends as the 2022 election approaches. GALEO would like to elaborate and clarify some of the data presented in the article.

In the 2020 election cycle, the Latino electorate in Georgia grew significantly. “THE GEORGIA LATINO ELECTORATE GROWS IN POWER” report, published by GALEO, revealed that the Latino electorate became more politically and civically conscious. As of March 5th, 2021, the Latino electorate had 385,185 registered voters, 4.1% of Georgia’s total voters.

The Latinx electorate grew by 140,995 new voters since the 2016 report, presenting a growth rate of 57.7%. On a national level, the Latino vote increased by 6 million voters since the 2016 election cycle, approaching a record number of 18.7 million voters in 2020. Reportedly, one in 10 voters was Latino in 2020. Additionally, younger Latinos ages 18 to 40, with about 2.4 million voters, were first-time and newly registered voters. The Latina vote was vital in many battleground states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia.

According to the 2020 census, Georgia was among the top five states gaining population in the past decade. Despite the well-documented undercounting of racial and ethnic minorities in the 2020 Census, the results show that the state’s Black population increased by 12.5%, Latinx population by 31.6%, and Asian American Pacific Islander (“AAPI”) population by 52.3%, while Georgia’s white population decreased by 4%.

The Latinx electorate in Georgia has also been outperforming the national Latino voter participation rate for several elections cycles. In addition, recent analyses of the 2020 election indicated a strong preference for Biden across Latinx, Black, and Asian demographics state and nationwide. Georgia’s Latinos were a critical demographic contributing to Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s win over Donald Trump. According to the 2020 American Election Eve Poll, President Biden received the support of 69 percent of the state’s Latino voters. Latinos were also a key demographic during the 2021 U.S. Senate Runoff in Georgia, where Democrat Jon Ossoff defeated Republican Senator David Perdue and Democrat Ralph Warnock defeated Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. 162,155 Latinos voted during the U.S. Senate Runoff special elections.

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