The Supreme Court has ruled that the Biden Administration can end the Migrant Protection Protocols that were enacted during the Trump Administration. 

The Remain in Mexico policy- also known as the Migrant Protection Protocols- has contributed to inhumane and dangerous conditions for migrants and asylum-seekers at the U.S. – Mexico border.  Several organizations have documented hundreds of cases involving kidnapping, rape, torture, assault, and other attacks on individuals subjected to Remain in Mexico while awaiting their scheduled immigration or asylum hearings.  Ending this Trump-era policy is necessary for implementing more humane immigration policies that recognize the right to seek asylum from violence and persecution. 

Biden v. Texas challenged whether the Biden Administration must continue to enforce the policy. Fortunately, the ruling will allow for this inhumane policy to finally be ended. 

“Everyone has the right to seek asylum; it is a pillar of this country’s foundation,” says Jerry Gonzalez,CEO of GALEO. “This ruling allows the Biden Administration to ensure that remains true. We now call on the Biden Administration to move quickly and justly to right the wrongs done to so many. We will continue to advocate for our immigrant communities and speak against inhumane policies such as these.”  


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