GALEO 20th Anniversary Proclamation

Georgia Senate voted unanimously on the GALEO 20th Anniversary Proclamation, congratulating and commending GALEO on its 20th anniversary, acknowledging their mission and work for two decades, and exalting their efforts on promoting leadership and civic engagement among the Latino community in the state of Georgia.

Senator Jason Esteves (SD 6), reading the 20th Anniversary Proclamation.

(L-R) Representative Ruwa Romman (HD-97), Senator Nabilah Islam (SD 7), Representative Kim Schofield (HD 63) , GALEO Treasurer Sarah M. Lopez, Senator Jason Esteves (SD 6), GALEO CEO Jerry Gonzalez

During the annual Power Breakfast event, Georgia State Senator for District 6 Jason Esteves recognized GALEO´s CEO, Jerry Gonzalez. Esteves, during his speech, remarked how Georgia Senate voted unanimously on this recognition and how essential the work that GALEO is doing, strengthening democracy and building a better society for everybody.

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