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Un juez federal afirma que la pregunta sobre la ciudadanía en el censo obedece a motivos discriminatorios

New evidence paints a “disturbing picture” of 2020 census question’s purpose

June 24, 2019—GREENBELT, MD—Today, U.S. District Court Judge George J. Hazel issued an opinion on last week’s ruling stating that new evidence presented in Advancing Justice | AAJC (Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC) and MALDEF’s (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) challenge to the 2020 census citizenship question “potentially connects the dots between a discriminatory purpose—diluting Hispanics’ political power—and Secretary Ross’s decision.”

If the Fourth Circuit remands the case, the Court will reopen discovery for no more than 45 days, order an expedited evidentiary hearing, and issue a speedy ruling.

Judge Hazel also stated that “Secretary Ross bulldozed over the Census Bureau’s standards and procedures for adding questions…any prejudice that Defendants now face is partially of their own making.”

 “The evidence we presented erases any doubt that the addition of a citizenship question was nothing more than a political move motivated by racial animus against immigrant communities,” said Niyati Shah, Assistant Director of Legal Advocacy at Advancing Justice | AAJC.

Last week, Judge Hazel granted a request from Advancing Justice | AAJC and MALDEF to reconsider whether members of the Trump administration conspired with others to intentionally discriminate against Latinos, Asian Americans, and non-citizens when it added a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, following uncovered evidence from a deceased GOP political strategist, Thomas B. Hofeller.

For more background, read here.

Read the opinion here.


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