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Lilburn Town Meeting "Puente para la gente" Survey

Our Latino community has grown in the last 20 years here in Georgia, and today we represent 10% over 1 million gente in the state. The umbrella includes those from Latin America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Spain.

With one million Latinos growing, Georgia has the unique opportunity to build a thriving community with just and necessary legislation. However, there needs to be more representative data that showcases the needs of our people.

Yesterday we had the chance to engage with our community based in Lilburn and attend to their questions and feedback about “Puente para la gente,” the first survey in 20 years focused on taking the Latino pulse in Georgia.​

Puente para la Gente will serve as a bridge between our communities who live, work, and drive the roads of the great state to those who represent us.

Stay tuned for more updates about the first survey in 20 years on the Latino pulse!


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