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Where will you be on November 5th?

Karen Padilla

Most people are familiar with midterm and presidential elections. 2019 is also an election year; this year cities are having municipal elections. It is important to consider voting in the municipal elections as these council members will create policies and regulations that will specifically benefit your city. The decisions that local governments make directly affect you as a voter as they are responsible for public transit, alcohol ordinances, school quality, etc. Your vote will make a difference in your community and your life. For more information on who your candidates are, the following municipalities will be having elections November 5, 2019: Doraville, Gainesville, Smyrna, and Norcross. Meet your candidates: 

The candidates in Doraville running for Mayor are Joseph Geierman, Tom Hart, MD Naser, and Donna Pittman (I). 

For City Council District 1– Tom Owens, Andy Yeoman

For City Council District 2– Danielle C. Brown, Jessica Killingsworth, Rebekah Cohen Morris

For City Council District 3– Maria T. Alexander, Shannon Hillard (I)

Special Election for City Council District 2– Tammie Bailey, Christopher Henshaw 

The candidates in Gainesville running for City Council Member Ward 2 are: Zach Thompson, Kris Nordholz 

For City Council Member Ward 3: Barbara B. Brooks, Willie Mitchell, Sammy Smith, Chad Payne

For City Council Member Ward 5: Juli Clay, William “Bill” Bush

The candidates for Smyrna running for Mayor are: Alex Backry, Ryan Campbell, Laura M. Mireles, Derek Norton, Steven Rasin 

For City Council Ward 1: Glenn Pickens

For City Council Ward 2: Andrea G. Blustein (I), Austin Wagner

For City Council Ward 3: Maryline Blackburn (I), Travis Lindley

For City Council Ward 4: Charles “Corkey” Welch (I)

For City Council Ward 5: Suz Kaprich, James “JD” Smith, Susan D. Wilkinson (I)

For City Council Ward 6: Tim Gould (I)

For City Council Ward 7: David W. Monroe, Lewis A. Wheaton

The candidates for Norcross running for Mayor are: Craig Newton (I), Chuck Paul

For Councilman Watch’s Seat: David McLeroy, Tyler Christian Hannel, Bruce Gaynor 

For Councilman Paul’s Seat: Matt Myers, Alex Hecht, Jeff Hopper 

If you are not registered to vote, click on this link to direct you to the Go Vote Ga website for voter registration, or visit

If you are not sure if you are registered to vote and would like to check, click on this link to direct to the Secretary of State’s website. 


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