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DeKalb County DUI Court is Hiring: Administrative Specialist

The Administrative Specialist/Bi‐Lingual Case Manager position is a full‐time position with dual
roles. This position will serve the DUI Court Program in several ways by providing administrative
services to the program, team members and participants, while acting as a liaison and Case
Manager to the Latino Program. The individual must be proficient in reading, writing, and
communicating with others in both English and Spanish, as well as manage the daily office
This position requires the individual to be on a staggered schedule and must be able to report to
work most mornings at 6:30 am. The position requires a dependable and trustworthy individual
with strong organizational and communication skills. All applicants should send a cover letter
and resume to

Administrative Specialist Responsibilities

  • Answer phones in a professional and courteous manner. Take messages when a staff
    member is unavailable. Screen calls and announce when individuals arrive to see staff
  • Maintain copies of forms for participants and staff members (AA slips, Travel Request
    Forms, AA log, Monthly Participant Calendar, new participants binder, handbook, etc.)
  • Review attendance after each group session and make corrections or changes.
  • Regularly review the group calendar and make changes when necessary.
  • Confirm all appointments at least 1 day prior.
  • Create binders for new participants.
  • Distribute assigned curriculum.
  • Copy and organize program forms.
  • Explain the screening policy and procedure to new participants.
  • Conduct and oversee the collection of drug screens.
  • Review and update financial information in the case management system.
  • Accept and record payments for participant fees.
  • Adhere to Program policies and procedures.
  • Assist in entering data and updating the data repository.
  • Enter and update court notes in the case management system.
  • Maintain a list of office supplies and curriculum inventory.
  • Maintain an uncluttered and organized area for supplies.
  • Stock screening area with appropriate supplies and forms.
  • Assist in shipping samples.
  • Assist staff members with calendar updates, calling of participants, form distribution and copying, posting of messages, etc.
  • Assist Probation Officer with the review of AA slips and GPS App.
  • Scan, upload and file participant, program, and court documents.
  • Shred old documents and files as directed.
  • Supervise participants who are performing community service at the treatment office.
  • Create, update and distribute court rosters.
  • Review financials and reoccurring chares on a regular basis.
  • Communicate with staff that appointments are confirmed, rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Assist in issuing transportation assistance.
  • Check and distribute mail.
  • Organize and maintain participants records.
  • Report findings of participant non‐compliance, violations and/or information to supervisor.
  • Create, distribute and maintain AA Log books. This includes creating a log for each participant and recording attendance information. Report all violations/non‐compliance to supervisor.
  • Secure all files, transportation cards, supplies and equipment.
  • Report all concerns regarding the program, participants and/or staff to the Program Director.
  • Must remain aware and knowledgeable of the Program’s Policies and Procedures as well as the Policies and Procedures for employees.
  • Maintain system for the filing of documents for declined or terminated individuals.
  • File, secure and maintain DDS certificates. Notify supervisor when more certificates are needed.

Bi‐Lingual Case Manager

  • Create, translate, and update program forms.
  • Schedule and conduct program orientation for incoming Latino participants.
  • Track progress, enter notes and upload documents in the case management program.
  • Inform participants of upcoming phase requirements, program requirements, and
  • Assist participants with mobile application installments and uploads for transportation,
    transportation logs, mobile monitoring applications, and community support meeting logs.
  • Upload and document community support logs, travel requests, and transportation logs.
  • Coordinate out‐of‐town testing for approved travel.
  • Prepare the court report and attend the Latino Program Court and staffing.
  • Enter notes from the court session.
  • Interact and communicate with the Latino Program Director and participants and act as a liaison with other team members.
  • Assist participants in finding community service locations.
  • Contact participants with initial positive test results and report back to the team.
  • Assist the team members and court with any translation and communication with the Latino Program Director and participants.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills (written, verbal and listening)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Extensive Technology Skills/Computer Proficiency (Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet,
    Zoom, Sharepoint, various software applications, etc.)
  • Excellent skills in organization and prioritizing work


  • Paid annual/sick leave
  • Paid Holidays
  • Medical Group Insurance Options
  • Pension Plan

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