Latinx Reps in the Winter 2022 Beijing Olympics

By Rafael Vargas As the Winter Olympics 2022 are celebrated in Beijing, many Latinxs athletes represent our communities and countries while breaking barriers and aiming for gold medals.  Donovan Carrillo, a Mexican figure skater, proudly represents his town of Guadalajara. Donovan had always been told from a young age to pursue soccer since attempting to practice […]

The Latino Contribution to Tax Season

By Jennifer Silva The 2022 tax filing season began on January 24th and will continue until the final deadline on April 18th. As the tax season is in session, the Latino community’s contribution to the U.S. economy and the Internal Revenue Service has been one of the most significant contributors (Power of the Purse: How Hispanics […]

The Omicron Variant

By Jimena Somilleda  Over the course of the past month, the World Health Organization has deemed the Omicron Variant of COVID-19, a “variant of concern.” The Omicron Variant was first detected after extensive research campaigns in South Africa (Jacobs 2021). Much is still unknown about this new variant, however, many professionals and world leaders have […]

DACA Students in Georgia

By Jimena Somilleda In 2012, President Barack Obama implemented the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) as a measure to protect people who were brought into the United States as children from deportation. The protection under DACA lasts for two years and can be renewed. Although this program is not a pathway to citizenship it […]

COVID-19 Vaccines for Children

By Jimena Somilleda In early 2021, doses of a vaccine to defend against the novel Cornavirus disease, were beginning to be administered. Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson were among the first to roll out a vaccine to combat COVID-19. Doses were administered to the public in waves, determined by factors […]

Latinx Representation in the Media

By Jimena Somilleda Latinx representation has been lacking in the modern media for a long time in Hollywood, in journalism, and in the news. This underrepresentation of Latinxs in the media is an inaccurate portrayal of the presence and impact that Latinxs have in the United States, while also emphasizing negative stereotypes and colorism. The […]

Mental Health in the Latinx Community

By Jimena Somilleda Within the Latinx Community, mental health has been deemed a sensitive topic with a lot of stigmas and controversy surrounding it. As of 2020, only 33% of Latinx people with a mental illness receive treatment each year (Cardinal Innovations Healthcare). There are many factors that contribute to many Latinxs not receiving the […]

Voting in Local Elections

By Jimena Somilleda   On Tuesday, November 2, Georgia will be holding its local elections for many different positions, including mayor of Atlanta. Citizens will vote on other official positions including mayors, city council members, sheriffs, school board officials, and many others. While these municipal elections are some of the most important elections for the citizens of Georgia, […]

Latinx Growth in Metro Atlanta

By Jimena Somilleda As of 2020, metro Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing regions for Latinx growth. Over 49% of all foreign-born residents in metro Atlanta identify as Hispanic and/or Latinx. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, between 2000 and 2010, metro Atlanta’s Latinx population grew from 268,851 to 547,400. The dramatic increase […]

Spanglish Between Generations

By Jimena Somilleda As more and more first-generation Latinx Americans continue to grow up in the United States, Spanglish continues to develop. Spanglish is a recent linguistic phenomenon that blends grammar, syntax, and slang of both English and Spanish. In more recent times, Spanglish has been perceived as a fake, Americanized version of Spanish and has […]